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    Lady Abygaelle's Shop.

    Mienfoo sold 120k to Kronobr Tangela Modeste HA sold 175K to Tagliati
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    Brainstorming the idea of a player driven "PvP Council" within PRO

    Hi, I think its really hard to create a PvP council How are council members picked? How long can they stay on the council? I think 6 month is good What are the requirements? Get any sanction for cheat/boosting/Guild boosting/Use ban Poke or forbidden moove/abilities, then any sanction with...
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    Easter Event Feedback

    If you could improve one facet of the event, what would it be? Change the system of mini league. That you can come with a lvl 25 max. let player come with their lvl for farm. Little league should be in a tower liek the kanto elite 4. Requirement is get a team lvl 30. Cause actually stay block...
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    Lady Abygaelle's Shop.

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    Lady Abygaelle's Shop.

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    Eastern VANILLA togepi.

    yes each time you get an offer, you have to put the screenshot here.
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    Eastern VANILLA togepi.

    Screenshot, if you don't have no one will bid on it
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    End Easter Collection

    Hello I'm searching actually some poke event to close my easter event Larvesta easter x 1 Munchlax Easter x 1 Togepi vanilla ( White ) x 1 Togepi Cotton Candy ( Blue ) x 2 Togepi Caramel ( Light Brown ) x 2 Contact me in game Abygaelle or send me a PM on forum, i will answer. See you and thx
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    No event poke

    It is only RNG i farm since the event start around 30h for get my 1st exeggcute event. A friend come and farm 3h and get Exeggcute and Munchlax event It is only luck or not. But 8h to farm its really nothing
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    Lady Abygaelle's Shop.

    thx bro