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  1. airwreckz

    Shiny Minun *sold*

    Auction ended at 2:36AM (UTC-7:00) Mountain Time as stated above, the winner is acorn177 for 600k, the pokemon has been sold, ty all!
  2. airwreckz

    Shiny Minun *sold*

    c.o. is 600k by acorn177, auction will end at 2:36AM (UTC-7:00) Mountain Time (8 hours and 20 minutes from now)
  3. airwreckz

    Shiny Minun *sold*

    24h auction starting after the first bid -S.O 300k -minimum increase 100k. -Accepting coin capsules = 250K each -Insta 2m
  4. airwreckz

    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    In-Game Name: Airwreckz Discord Tag: airwreck#7323 Server: Gold How often do you use Discord? Daily What is one suggestion you have for PRO Discord? Separate price checks and trades
  5. airwreckz

    Silver Server traded pokemon got locked

    If the Clamperl was caught in the Hoenn region, then the person that received it needs to have access to Hoenn(same with the other regions), if not, the pokemon will stay locked until the person goes to that region.
  6. airwreckz

    Gold Server Calamity Guild Recruiting!!

    What's your IGN? Airwreckz How many hours do you have in PRO? 127 Do you have discord? yes, airwreck#7323 How far are you in story? 5th badge of Kanto How active are you in PRO? (How often do you play?) every day for now Are you a PvP or PvE player? Or do you enjoy both? Mostly PvE for now but I...