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    (Account WONNERED!) Thanks for playing\Rushed Account Giveaway!

    :OshaWAT::OshaWAT::PixiuRIP::PixiuRIP: :PiplupCry::PiplupCry: SOWWY
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    (Account WONNERED!) Thanks for playing\Rushed Account Giveaway!

    :TreeckoNo::TreeckoNo:DO NOT PM ME IN FORUMS!! I WILL IGNORE IT!!:TreeckoNo::TreeckoNo: 2 hours time, unless answered correctly, Rushed means Rushed.. Gotta go fast.. :PikaLurk::CharYay::RowletHeart::EeveeShy: Which Ascended Champion From League of Legends am I? 1. Name of the Champion. (The...
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    Gothita - hidden ability - great IV's

    Shadow Tag is banned in PvP so, like 50k :/
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    Gold Server The Draconid Guild. ~Recruitment [Closed]

    Hello Yash0101234, I have invited you to the guild welcome :)
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    Gold Server The Draconid Guild. ~Recruitment [Closed]

    Welcome to the Draconid guild recruitment The guild was recently created, if you would like to join the requirements would be 100 hours playtime to provide proof that you have met this milestone you would have to show your Trainer ID card, if not active for 3 weeks in general we will proceed...
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    Slow Start! <3

    This anime is so cute omg Heres a link to the first episode :D Slow Start
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    Well, this is it for Shamac :)

    I return to playing PRO and about a week later one of the best staff members left.. (forums were in maintenance at the time) Shamac, have fun with whatever you're going to be doing next! :PiplupCry:
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    Summarize Your Life with Pokemon Move(s)

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    Master Ball Restore

    He's actually right, items don't get used on its own.. Just farm up 10 PvP coins and purchase one at the coin shop.
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    Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.)

    Past Past Past Life :D
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    I cant watch the info of my objects in android :(

    Sup, the Android client doesn't let you see the information of bag items/map I also hope that they fix that.. For the TM/HM issue you would have to minimize the game on your phone and quickly go to Here with the TM/HM number to see what it is, for the items you'll have to Google what they are...
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    Pokemon not obeying for using dive

    Aye, type in game /happy (Number of the Pokémon 1 to 6) The happiness level must be 151 or higher. Hope this helps. There's also one item that influences happiness; the Soothe Bell. As for what it does, it increases the amount of happiness gained.
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    Question about Starter Pikachu

    DOn't trade the Pikachu's just keep them and catch the genders according to that gender that you have already, because it has to be your "Original Trainer" name on the Pokémon.
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    Money Bug

    Yeah, safari and maybe the pokeball seller grunt and just zoomed past the dialogue.