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    Wts clone BULBASAUR

    Make a post at Shiny and Special Pokémon - Silver
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    Yagato's Costume Shop

    Wanna trade blue pacifier for skull hat?
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    WTB sachet to evolve spritzee

    I don't think there are sachets
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    Trading cosmetics (or offer $)

    Ghost outfits both sold!
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    Trading cosmetics (or offer $)

    Blue pacifier sold!
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    Quitting / 5m giveaway [ENDED]

    Hope you have fun and don't regret leaving down the line, im In
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    Item Shop

    Price for Bun / Dumpling / Ghost outfits / S Umbreon Mount / Skull Hat / Snorlax Set ? I buy all if its a good price, you can pm me on discord BakBeast#1438 or ign BakBeast
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    Fashion Show Contest!

    IGN : BakBeast Discord : BakBeast#1438 Server : Silver Cool Ugly Funny
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    Yagato's Costume Shop

    Wanna trade your ghost outfit 13 for my ghost outfit 10, and trade your magikarp hat for my ghost outfit 8?
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    BakBeast' Shop [ New shop in town! ]

    Ping me on discord to let me know you can trade
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    BakBeast' Shop [ New shop in town! ]

    140k - negotiable ofc
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    Trading cosmetics (or offer $)

    I have outift 1 already sorry
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    BakBeast' Shop [ New shop in town! ]

    Welcome to my shop! Feel free to pm me on discord about a poke; BakBeast#1438 RULES : Fake offers get reported Ways of payment : $$ Cash CC = 235k Small MS = 120k Black Ms = 100k 30 Day MS = 220k All the pokes listed above are UNTRAINED Feel free to make...