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    Silver Server NoMercy - Silver Server

    Why do you want to join NoMercy? 1.Because a friend recommended it to me :) And I want help building my epic pvp team. What can you contribute to NoMercy? 2.I could help hunt Pokemon that other guildmembers want. I also like to think about solution for other members and there pvp team. Have...
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    Komata Shop. Updating (16th July).

    I buy chesgnaught
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    Selling epic PVP ready pokes

    850k bisharp
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    Selling epic PVP ready pokes

    750k bisharp
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    Selling epic PVP ready pokes

    650k bisharp
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    PeterWitzig ---new shop---

    i buy metagross 350k
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    WTB timid/modest larvitar

    I have one
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    wtb ha foongus/amoonguss and a good ferroseed/ferrothorn

    i have 300k to spent
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    wtb epic slaking

    wtb epic slaking