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    Silver Server NoMercy - Silver Server

    Why do you want to join NoMercy? 1.Because a friend recommended it to me :) And I want help building my epic pvp team. What can you contribute to NoMercy? 2.I could help hunt Pokemon that other guildmembers want. I also like to think about solution for other members and there pvp team. Have...
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    Predators [PvP Guild]

    1.What is your in-game name? Biermon12 2.How old are you and where are you from? 20 and im from the Netherlands 3.What aspect of the game do you like the most? (PvP, bosses, hunting or collectin etc.) I like bosses the bosses the most and after that collecting. 4.What do you want to achieve in...
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    Komata Shop. Updating (16th July).

    I buy chesgnaught
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    Selling epic PVP ready pokes

    850k bisharp
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    Selling epic PVP ready pokes

    750k bisharp
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    Selling epic PVP ready pokes

    650k bisharp
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    PeterWitzig ---new shop---

    i buy metagross 350k
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    WTB timid/modest larvitar

    I have one
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    wtb ha foongus/amoonguss and a good ferroseed/ferrothorn

    i have 300k to spent
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    wtb epic slaking

    wtb epic slaking