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    Rude. But not wrong. shrugs
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    Fumalfu won the auction in game and sold for 1.3m.
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    30 minutes left!
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    Resolved pls answer

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    HAY ME and my shop 26 pokes added (UPDATED: 08-21-19)

    Is the epic Quagsire still available? I'll insta it. PM what time you'd like to meet
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    24 hours left
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    Roughly 35 hrs left
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    Auction started and ends in 48 hours from the time of this post.
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    Feka bid?
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    SOLD TO FUMALFU FOR 1.3m Insta: 2m Auction time: 48 Hrs Bid Increment: 100k I accept CC (250k) and IV Rerolls (650k) as payment
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    I'll buy Beartic online currently at time of this message IGN is Darksun20
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    WIP Reworked Dig Spots Guide - 10.05.2019

    Route 209 has Trapinch. This is the rare spawn.
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    WIP Community made Guide for Dig spot rework

    Honedge also spawns Mt. Moon 1f southwest not just northeast Hippopotas spawns in Slowpoke Well basement on the right side. Phanpy Route 210 North Really wish the digspot guide here or on the wiki would get updated, hate having to go in blind unsure what sync to have in first party.