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    1. Voting in regards to our PvP Rules: "Do we allow Elemental Gems such as Flying Gem, Electric Gem and co. in Ranked PvP?"

    Username: GengarLv100 Server: Silver Season you were Top25/Screenshot of your current rating: 2 months ago Your voting: Yes Your reasoning: Nothing else to add that hasn't been said.
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    Silver Server [CHAOS]Tournament

    nair [exercise] me quick:EeveeShy: best is joo but right after it's you well mama also let's say ur 3rd xaxaxa
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    My wishlist

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    My wishlist

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    PRO's PvP inconsistencies in regards to move/ability combinations

    Bro, you're the one misunderstanding my post. This is not about banning 1 thing. I gave an example to clarify PRO has his own metagame, based on what is coded or not. It makes 0 sense to look anywhere for knowing what to ban, which is the whole point of my message. Please read again carefully.
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    Manaphy in ranked PVP

    This is how we adapt. If they go dirty, we go dirty. Awesome metagame.
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    My wishlist

    sorry man need 31 speed :( but tyvm for your post @SchmittyT9 bump
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    Brainstorming the idea of a player driven "PvP Council" within PRO

    After all this said, wanted to bring a bit different POV. We've been said that Mods are not baised anymore (sorry for saying the forbidden word). If that's true, why such a fear to make a fair and healthy Council? You can also apply your "teaching techniques", do a test for some weeks or...
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    PRO's Moderation Discussion

    Hi, thank you to elty and akalli for bringing such arguments. I joined PRO 3 years ago, nothing of this was contemplated. Before stating any personal opinion, it is a FACT that a good amount of players we disagree on how the game we love has evolved. That's already a point and I would be really...
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    21st Ladder Tournament

    Player name: OneTrickGengar Showdown name: PepeBowie Server: Silver Rank on ladder: 10
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    My wishlist

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    Wtb froakie

    In a nation with an entrenched bill of rights or a written constitution, ex post facto legislation may be prohibited.
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    Wts good timid porygon-z

    well you don't give a price on a non epic wrong abi porygonZ wich is already hard to price check. at least don't get mad when people offers lol
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    My wishlist

    bought conkeldurr, added aerodactyl