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    (closed) sold

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    PRO's Moderation Discussion

    Well, thanks shino for such an eloquent and thorough response. Sorry for the late reply but I didn’t notice you had replied until Madtrainer informed me and I wasn't home. I too am sorry because this will also be a long post. I want to preface this by saying that, like I said in my first...
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    PRO's Moderation Discussion

    Could I get a proper reply to my first comment? From actual staff.
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    PRO's Moderation Discussion

    Well I didn’t say the the word “never” once in my comment so your comment is a lie. What I did say was “That’s not to say that players don’t break rules and don’t deserve a mute/ban” In the example you gave, the app did the right thing and i agree with his action. People break rules that’s...
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    PRO's Moderation Discussion

    oof hopefully this isn’t a waste of time again. The rules now are just fine and everyone should be familiar with them. To begin with, the biggest problem imo is the quickness a mute is given and the inconsistency between all the mods. You might think that mods don’t insta mute, but they do or...
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    Silver Server New Guild

    Hello! We're a new guild looking for active members. Our name is SilverNabs There are only 2 requirements to join: 1. Be active. 2. Have discord. You don't need to be a daily player but a few times a week counts as active. The Discord is for easy communication. Here is the link...
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    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    In-Game Name: Gioalv1 Discord Tag: gio#0879 Server: Silver How often do you use Discord?: Seldomly What is one suggestion you have for PRO Discord?: None