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  1. ignorantperson

    Tiny.cc in Download page is not working

    same here, could not download the game in the main page, and i have to go to apknite to download it. takes sometimes but finally install the game
  2. ignorantperson

    Anime you're currently watching

    i spend like 5 hours a week to watch anime. currently watching onepiece, rewatch the recent ended naruto, watch some dragon balls too. sometimes in m work, i watch some random ones in apknite app to find for the new anime to watch
  3. ignorantperson

    Resolved Download problem

    in this case, try out this extension. help to change any file into apk package https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/apk-downloader-apknite/jhfkhajonjafefdhilbcnpaccepkfgni hope it work for you!
  4. ignorantperson

    How to beat Giratina in Sinnoh?

    a guy in apknite told me to use sucker punchers to take him down, though there is many other ways to capture him. need a little stactic
  5. ignorantperson


    hello, i am steve. new to the forum. have a good day to all members of pokemon fans