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    Silver Server Pandemonium *ITA-SILVER SERVER*

    :HalloweenBulba: PANDEMONIUM :CharYay: [ITA - Silver Server] :SquirtleSquad: Benvenuti! Se vi trovate in questa pagina è perché siete alla ricerca di una gilda italiana, bene l'avete trovata :D Pandemonium, ex ItalianGuys, è stata fondata circa un anno fa, quando ancora c'era il server Blu, e...
  2. isterya

    Naive dragonite h.a

    Sold, close pls. Ty
  3. isterya

    Naive dragonite h.a

    Naive Dragonite H.a B.o 300k Insta price 1m 3 days to start bid
  4. isterya

    Epic Skarmory Careful

    Epic Skarmory Careful Sturdy B.o 300k Insta price 800k 3 days to start bid
  5. isterya

    bold eevee shiny closed

    Re: bold eevee shiny <t>bump :)</t>
  6. isterya


    Sorry, Tomorrow i logged in.
  7. isterya

    Kabuto Adamant S.s.

  8. isterya


    Sold to minhbiggie, pm me in game.
  9. isterya

    Kabuto Adamant S.s.

    C.o 300k by Monkeyz (game offer) Insta 600k Bid up +50k Auction end in 3 days
  10. isterya


    B.o 500k Insta 1,5m Auction ends in 3 days bid up +50k
  11. isterya

    Halloween Rewards?

    I also did not receive the reward (Blue Server, IGN Isterya, vampire clothes) Thank you!