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  1. Kimap

    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    IGN: Kimap DISCORD TAG: @Kimap#0157 SERVER: Silver How often do I use discord: always Suggestions: Keep the good work!
  2. Kimap

    PRO Award 2018

    PLAYER CATEGORY Smartest: Eternum Friendliest: Magnusx Funniest: Jhanpaul Coolest: Eobard Comeback Player of the Year: Eobard Most Talkative: Kimap Most Trustworthy: Kimap Most Helpful: Baneado12 Most Missed: Iceblade20016 Most Influential: Kimap Most Intriguing: jualanas Most Experienced...
  3. Kimap

    giving away stuff

    Count me ^^
  4. Kimap

    Giving away ladder tournament reward [Epic Gible]

    Hey hey awesome gible e.e want it! Count me in n.n
  5. Kimap

    Fashion Show Contest!

    IGN: Kimap Discord Tag: Kimap#0157 Server: Silver COOL :CharYay: FUNNY :SquirtleSquad: UGLY :SnivyBad:
  6. Kimap

    Silver Server Rampage Guild [Es]

    Bueno cuando decidas venir a silver Contáctanos!!
  7. Kimap

    Silver Server Rampage Guild [Es]

    Hello players!! Hola Jugadores!! We are Rampage!! A guild who born thanks to the fact of looking for a friendly and playfull environment, of course with challenges among pals. Somos Rampage!! Una guild que nació gracias a la idea de buscar un ambiente amistoso y con buena jugabilidad, claro con...
  8. Kimap

    Evolution & Deleveling Request Megathread

    Hello! One of my friends forgot to evolve a bunnelby, hope you can help to delevel it. Usser: Farina Server: Silver
  9. Kimap

    PRO Metronome Tournament

    mistake wrong account
  10. Kimap

    PRO Metronome Tournament

    Want to sign in. Nick PRO: Dehirry Nick Showdown: Dehirry
  11. Kimap

    PRO Metronome Tournament

    In showdown and in PRO my username is Kimap
  12. Kimap

    The same problem here

    I still don't have a way to the merge the message of validation stills appearing telling me that my authentification is required.