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    Resolved whats this?

    Was testing things. Was removed about 20 seconds after it was added. No worries.
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    Returning trainer

    Welcome back to the game
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    I am back

    Welcome back
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    New Player

    Welcome to PRO
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    Welcome to the game
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    A New Journey

  7. Letrix

    Ranked PvP Rules.

    No. Only Unaware Clefable with Soft-Boiled is banned from ranked.
  8. Letrix

    Staff Guides List of available commands.

    In console "camera 3d" -without the ""
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    Accidentaly deleted my poke

    Moved to proper area and resolved. The Pokemon is in the last slot of your PC now.
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    Wts lvl 200 ninetales

    Locked. Do not create troll/ joke posts in the trade forums. Please use the off-topic forum for these kinds of posts. Make sure your trade posts as accurate as possible and provide screenshots of what you are selling in the future. Regards.
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    Hello fellow Pokefans!

    Welcome to PRO :)
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    Goodbye all of my friend

    Take care. Best of luck
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    Starting back up

    Welcome back :) Right now the Easter event is live and rare easter form Pokemon are available. Check the regional seaport to go to the Easter event location.
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    Hello there!

    Welcome :)