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    SERVER TRANSFER Username: mightykuriboh Server to charge the money from: silver Main Server to transfer: from silver to gold
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    Staff Guides World Quest and Mysterious Island

    Plz just make world quest every Saturday
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    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    In-Game Name: Mightykuriboh Discord Tag: Mighty Kuriboh#2373 Server: Gold How often do you use Discord? Daily What is one suggestion you have for PRO Discord? Move events! We need Q&As!
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    Bug Catching Contest Event

    Discord tag: Mighty Kuriboh#2373 Server: Gold Screenshot: https://imgur.com/PfJ1syo https://imgur.com/PfJ1syo
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    List of broken moves & abilities in PRO

    Name of the move/ability: Final Gambit Bug: Hits ghost-types (fighting move)
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    My Pvp Shop

    Yes they are sold ill be updating shop soon.
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    My Pvp Shop

    Insta added to garchomp auction ends 9hrs
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    My Pvp Shop

    It its sold I took it out
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    My Pvp Shop

    Will get back to you ingame later today at work right now. Garchomp started ends in 24hrs from now
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    My Pvp Shop

    Updated Magnezone auction ends today at 11:59pm [-8 gmt] Pacific standard time
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    My Pvp Shop

    Magnezone started ends in 3 days C.o. 2mill by malltesers Insta added for magnezone
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    My Pvp Shop

    Welcome to my shop Want to auction these. Auction will begin 3 days from start offer. No insta atm. Only cash. Fake bid or cancelling a bid will result to report. S.o. 1mill ^ S.o. 1.5mill ^
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    Christmas Raffle Event

    Gold, Mightykuriboh 1. What do you want to ask from Santa this Christmas? A raise