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    PvP Shop (EPIC / Good Mons) [04/09] New Stock Added

    Too low, sorry :(
  2. navneeth

    PvP Shop (EPIC / Good Mons) [04/09] New Stock Added

    You can have it for 550k, but not lower than that. Hmu if you're interested.
  3. navneeth

    Final THINGS for the PvP to be perfect [2]

    Great thread you've made here my friend, big support from me.
  4. navneeth

    PvP Shop (EPIC / Good Mons) [04/09] New Stock Added

    Sorry, its already sold. Pm me in-game if you're online now.
  5. navneeth

    PvP Shop (EPIC / Good Mons) [04/09] New Stock Added

    Hit my pm's, we can talk about it.
  6. navneeth

    PvP - Turn timer discussion

    I totally agree with w/e Xylos wrote above. It takes time to decide what will be your next move, calculate the damage in critical turns etc. Reducing the timer would just put more pressure on you and you might end up pressing the wrong move while your opp is still thinking about a move and...
  7. navneeth

    I lost my Money

    You don't loose 90% when you black out during a wild battle, you just loose 5% of your total money which is 11k. Its strange that you lost 200k which is not possible Lol
  8. navneeth

    Gold Server Regarding Auctions

    As long as the auctioneer is fine with that, then no problem else its still considered as "Bidding without any intention to buy". Also it depends at what time you withdraw your bid, if its at the end where only few minutes or hours are left, then the situation can get more worse. On such...
  9. navneeth

    Thanks for everything...

    Donphan god will be missed. Good luck cob!!
  10. navneeth

    Chroxler's 20+ ivs EPIC PvP Shop [Updated 12.08.19]

    Do you accept 600k for bronzong?
  11. navneeth

    h.a careful exca 31 spd : price check

    should be around 1m-1m5
  12. navneeth

    pvp ready h.a garchomp(sold)

    Selling this h.a garchomp for 800k Ign : Navneeth