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    Event Blaziken!

    Then why would you not close/edit the post? You should really stay on top of these things
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    Event Blaziken!

    begin 2m
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    My Birthday Event

    I'm a bit late, but happy birthday belz :)
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    Event Blaziken!

    Do you still want to sell?
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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    No worries I understand. I have my tablet and could login now, but the keyboard gives me problems popping up in game sometimes, which during a trade is a real pain. So if you try to trade with me and I don't put in the money amount, that would be why. I have a laptop at home I can use to do the...
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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    I have to leave for work right now. I'll have to do the trade with you later on I guess
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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    It is now the time of the auctions end. I am in game, but you arent. So what's going on?
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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    I would like to bid 4.5m Thank y
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    Wtb shiny scyther

    Looking to buy a shiny scyther. Reply with link and offer please :)
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    My Summer-Autumn themed Vileplume family

    Don't know if you can make vileplume a mushroom since it doesn't get spore, but I like your idea!
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    Easter Event Feedback

    To the staff: the event is awesome, keep up the good work! To the folks complaining about 1/550 event skins: they're supposed to be rare! If your luck isn't there, save up money and buy them. You really want every event mon to be easy like 1/20? Then they're all less valuble. Stop whining, please!
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    Detective Pikachu Sprite

    They should wait a bit though, as there are two events going right now already. Love the idea though!
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    [2019] Valentines Event Spawns

    I can confirm xmas snow animation for valentine spearow