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  1. Quant

    Resolved connection lost

    Both servers are crashing atm, it's probably an issue with the code of the game and i'm sure they're trying to fix it.
  2. Quant

    Why does not the gold server stop falling?

    What? The gold server is the stable one, but in this situation both servers are crashing all the time so it's probably an issue with the code of the game.
  3. Quant

    Resolved Had problem and it got fixed thanks!!!

    I wouldn't recommend doing any quest for now, the game is having a lot of issues and they're trying to fix it, that might be why you're having this problem.
  4. Quant

    I don't have the channel for trade. Help me please

    Maybe it's because you haven't unlocked the rainbow badge yet? You need that badge to trade.
  5. Quant

    Resolved Conexão perdida

    Servidores estão em manutenção no momento justamente por causa desses problemas de conexão perdida.
  6. Quant

    Resolved Conection Lost

    Man i'm really unlucky, it's like the servers decide to crash/enter maintenance only when i want to play. Oh you didn't log in for a whole day and now you want to play? Nope! xD
  7. Quant

    Resolved conection lost on silver server

    Server is down, there's nothing we can do xd
  8. Quant

    Resolved Connection Lost

    Currently having the same issue :(