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    Easter Pokemon Contest

    IGN: sarbjeetsingh Discord name: sarbjeetsingh(sabi)#3598 Pokemon name: charchamp Pokemon type:fight and fire Pokemon discription. Charchamp is fighting and fire type poke. It has four arm and body structure like machamp. Thing make it differnet is its flamy body with wing. With which he can...
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    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    In game name: sarbjeetsingh. Discord tag : Sarbjeetsingh(sabi)#3598. Server: gold How often do u use discord: i use it everyday to get info about new update and upcomming new things. What is one suggestion you have for PRO Discord?. add some new memes . So we can enjoy by posting it.
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    Bug Catching Contest Event

    Discord tag: #3598 Server : gold Ss:
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    Bug Catching Contest Event

    Discord tag: #3598 Server : gold Ss: has been attach I forget to take ss of poke while he getting points. But i have attach different ss of poke. U can check its id. It is proper and caught today. Bye:)
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    Raiders Alliance Guild Shop (Updated 12/6/2019)

    wa want to buy pokemon . Photo has been attached .pokemon from shop i want to buy
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    I want to de-evolve my slowbro

    I want to de-evolve my slowbro to its first form slowpoke.plz i want to de-evolve it to its previous form. Photo has been attached . Hope u will help me:)
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    Gatorons Lending Service

    i want ferrothron for 1 day . I am in johto.blackthorn city
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    Leaving PRO

    Farwell and take care:)
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    Gold Server Wrongly released my pokemon

    Hello sir. I wrongly released my pokemon (onix) i am in gold server at hoenn region I had purchase that onixfor 10k and now i wrongly relaesed it . Plz re store it plz Lvl of onix is 22 id of onix below Id: 21808393
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    Resolved Wrongly released my pokemon.

    hello sir, i wrongly released my onix today .i am at hoenn region. Can u help plz. I had purchase it for 10k. Id no. Of pokemon released is given below in screen shot . I hope u might do something.
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    Lost money (10k)

    i lost my money (10k) After completing kanto and johto region i battle joe and defeated him at indigo plateau. And then i meet hoenn trainer . When i reached hoenn region i look at my money it was 192k .but i previously have 202k . How this could be happen . Plz help. (Photo show 192k as u can see)
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    Silver Server Lost pokemons

    I don't get my pokemons back .plz help me i have lost my whole team ..
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    Silver Server Lost pokemons

    Unable to get my pokemons back after merging my account from red veraion to silver