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    Selling Shiny Sandile

    Yeah, I saw that happen. This is a strange case, wonder how it will play out
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    Selling Shiny Sandile

    Awuh, i was wondering why it was changed to a gold auction. I was wanting it xd
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    Wtb High Tier Shinies(Updated List)

    Updated with prices
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    Wtb High Tier Shinies(Updated List)

    Shiny Wishlist Pvpable shinies highter than t1 Sandile/evo 5m+ depending on the ivs and nature Any starters (all gens) Dratini, 4-5m Deino, Axew, bagon 8m+ Roggenrolla/evos 8m+ Yamask 5m+ ANY t8 will be looked at, feel free to show me them all Big budget! T8+ Shinies. I will offer more if they...
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    Closed (changed mind)

    Decided to keep. Can be closed
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    ShadyShiftry's High Tier Shop (Negotiable Prices)

    All prices are negotiable. Also willing to trade multple for high tier Shinies CC are accepted as 270k Discord is ShadyShiftry#0675 Hp Fire Price: 1.8m Impish full stall, no moveset Price: 1m 20+ Price: 1.2m Price:800k