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    Excavation sites revamped!

    What you think this is a huge improvement for? Though I appreciate the hard work, not sure it is a hard work or not since its only spawn changing........ BTW the two new site is good. At least something new but I do not think that can call as big improvement , own opinion though I
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    Excavation sites revamped!

    Yes obviously
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    1 PvP coin for each winning is balance or not ?

    Win get 2 while lose get 1 is the best. Do not know why there is a argue on this........... This is a win win situation man, at least you get something, everyone deserve it! No one like spent time then get nothing.
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    Finished ♦ Vulcan Island walk-through [Mainquest|Bosses|Daily quest] (7/20/18) ♦

    This mean that this event will be end on 14 August or no ETA yet
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    Doctor Pokemon Quest [December 2017]

    They really should remove the minus thing if we refuses to help as it need something like hard rock which hard to get
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    Is it because of the fail of implement IMG sevii island? Or the kalos poke?
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    Finished ♦ [Free] Psyduck hat quest-line (7/20/18) [Quest is removed as of now]♦

    Sort of unfair though , Ash hat is not tradable but this can
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    how many pvp coins needed?

    I haven't go to hoeen yet so anyone please tell me how many pvp coins is needed to buy a legendary mount such as zaptos?
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    The reward of museum quest at Kanto

    Anyone know what i can get if i give him all the fossils he want?
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    Anyone can help?

    PRO Username: Siong03 Have you looked at the FAQ to solve your issue?: Yes On which server issue happened: BLUE What have you done before the problem was there? Nothing What have you already tried to solve the problem? I had read the posts on forum and follow actually what they ask to do but...
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    Cooldown of headbutt tree in love island

    What is the cooldown times of tree in love island?
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    We can catch froakie already??? Tell me also where can i catch it :Crazy: :Crazy: :Crazy:
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    Is this allowable? its try to break current economy

    I saw someone in blue server, buying ms with cheap price like 330k and then he sell it out at more than 400k, is this allowable? i dun know.... but what i know is this type of people is trying to break the economy....