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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    No worries I understand. I have my tablet and could login now, but the keyboard gives me problems popping up in game sometimes, which during a trade is a real pain. So if you try to trade with me and I don't put in the money amount, that would be why. I have a laptop at home I can use to do the...
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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    I have to leave for work right now. I'll have to do the trade with you later on I guess
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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    It is now the time of the auctions end. I am in game, but you arent. So what's going on?
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    end of auction , pl closed this topic

    I would like to bid 4.5m Thank y
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    Wtb shiny scyther

    Looking to buy a shiny scyther. Reply with link and offer please :)
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    My Summer-Autumn themed Vileplume family

    Don't know if you can make vileplume a mushroom since it doesn't get spore, but I like your idea!
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    Easter Event Feedback

    To the staff: the event is awesome, keep up the good work! To the folks complaining about 1/550 event skins: they're supposed to be rare! If your luck isn't there, save up money and buy them. You really want every event mon to be easy like 1/20? Then they're all less valuble. Stop whining, please!
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    Detective Pikachu Sprite

    They should wait a bit though, as there are two events going right now already. Love the idea though!
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    [2019] Valentines Event Spawns

    I can confirm xmas snow animation for valentine spearow
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    Suspicious Bot

    A genuinely fun challenge, and a good way to earn pve coins. Much appreciated good job!
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    Resolved Problem with connection maybe i don't know...

    Server is down for maintenance and has been for several hours. They don't have an estimate for when it will be back either.
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    Player-Staff Q & A!

    IGN: Outlaw609 Server: silver Question: I noticed that many of the new xmas pokemon in this event do not have their snow animation/shiny sound when spawning, including manaphy :( I was just wondering if this is something that will be updated, or are the snow animation/sound going to stay...
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    Goodbye (at least for now)

    Sorry to hear that you're leaving man. It's been fun-best of luck to you sir!
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    List of broken moves & abilities in PRO

    Update: I was wrong about hydration. The instance of rest failing that I encountered in a different game was a bug in that game. Glad I realized so soon. Sorry about that :)
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    List of broken moves & abilities in PRO

    Name of move/ability: Hydration what is missing/bugged: currently Pokemon with this ability can use rest in the rain to get full hp and wake up at the end of the turn. rest is supposed to fail in this situation. generation of is from: IV