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  1. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    Welcome to my shop Want to auction these. Auction will begin 3 days from start offer. No insta atm. Only cash. Fake bid or cancelling a bid will result to report. S.o. 1mill ^ S.o. 1.5mill ^
  2. MightyKuriboh

    Can't play on 4g

    Hi I'm a mobile and computer player but I usually play this game on the road no wifi. I notice that ever since I downloaded the latest patch I wasnt able to play on 4g anymore. Not sure if this is my phones fault or something with the game but I would like some help to solve the problem. I've...
  3. MightyKuriboh


    Don't like the outcome of auction
  4. MightyKuriboh

    Wts epic h.p. fire magnemite & epic medicham

    Canceled auction don't like the results
  5. MightyKuriboh


    CLOSED not selling it anymore
  6. MightyKuriboh

    Lvl 100 poke