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  1. Taskete

    PVP Team Preview ! 1 hour Pool NOT FAIR. [LOCKED]

    Hello , i would like to talk about this "team preview". #1 Why only one hour of pool? Regardless of my pvp rating , as a PRO player i would like to remember that only "1" (ONE) hour it not fair for all regions GMT, this seems rigged, why? no such transparency, make any public sistem...
  2. Taskete

    pokemon sell [Closed]

    Hello, IGN: Taskete [Rules] - Price/S.o/insta can be negotiable, just be respectful. Cheap/Comum/Ordinary LvL 100 Other Closed atm! TY!
  3. Taskete

    [Auction] (Ended)!

    Hello, [Rules] - Only $$. - After receiving the initial offer the auction will last 4 days. - Minimum 50k+ bid required to make an offer. - Only offer if you are really willing to wait for the end of it(no cancel bid after you offered unless i accept for that) - Fake offers will be reported - I...