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  1. MightyKuriboh

    Staff Guides World Quest and Mysterious Island

    Plz just make world quest every Saturday
  2. MightyKuriboh

    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    In-Game Name: Mightykuriboh Discord Tag: Mighty Kuriboh#2373 Server: Gold How often do you use Discord? Daily What is one suggestion you have for PRO Discord? Move events! We need Q&As!
  3. MightyKuriboh

    Bug Catching Contest Event

    Discord tag: Mighty Kuriboh#2373 Server: Gold Screenshot: https://imgur.com/PfJ1syo https://imgur.com/PfJ1syo
  4. MightyKuriboh

    List of broken moves & abilities in PRO

    Name of the move/ability: Final Gambit Bug: Hits ghost-types (fighting move)
  5. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    Yes they are sold ill be updating shop soon.
  6. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    Insta added to garchomp auction ends 9hrs
  7. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    It its sold I took it out
  8. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    Will get back to you ingame later today at work right now. Garchomp started ends in 24hrs from now
  9. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    Updated Magnezone auction ends today at 11:59pm [-8 gmt] Pacific standard time
  10. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    Magnezone started ends in 3 days C.o. 2mill by malltesers Insta added for magnezone
  11. MightyKuriboh

    My Pvp Shop

    Welcome to my shop Want to auction these. Auction will begin 3 days from start offer. No insta atm. Only cash. Fake bid or cancelling a bid will result to report. S.o. 1mill ^ S.o. 1.5mill ^
  12. MightyKuriboh

    Christmas Raffle Event

    Gold, Mightykuriboh 1. What do you want to ask from Santa this Christmas? A raise
  13. MightyKuriboh

    Resolved Connection Lost

    Plz blurr your password now people are gonna try hacking into your account.
  14. MightyKuriboh

    Can't play on 4g

    "Can not connect to server" I dont think it's my 4glte fault cause I'm still able to watch movies or play other games on it. Yes I have tried doing that already but will try once more. This has never happen before though only after I downloaded the latest patch.
  15. MightyKuriboh

    Can't play on 4g

    Hi I'm a mobile and computer player but I usually play this game on the road no wifi. I notice that ever since I downloaded the latest patch I wasnt able to play on 4g anymore. Not sure if this is my phones fault or something with the game but I would like some help to solve the problem. I've...
  16. MightyKuriboh


  17. MightyKuriboh


    Don't like the outcome of auction
  18. MightyKuriboh

    Wts epic h.p. fire magnemite & epic medicham

    Canceled auction don't like the results