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  1. binbau10

    Close this Pls

    I currently have 2m so price is negotiable (i can buy greninja trained too, but if u want to sell them for more than 2m i can't afford) It must be spd 30+, atk and spatk 25+ If Greninja: full spatk/spd investment Others stats is just a bonus PM: Discord: binbau10#9799
  2. binbau10

    PC my Ferro pls

    This is my Ferro
  3. binbau10

    Close this thread pls mistaken

    Close this pls
  4. binbau10

    WTS Gems , evo stone and some evo item

    WTS these things(sorry for untidy thread) Discord: binbau10#9799...
  5. binbau10

    Resolved can't get the dog's bell

    staff please help me i am hoenn champ i get 450+ playtime i get kanto + johto pokedex + legend seen and i have dog's data to but scienctist rey don't give me the bell i have mew and celebi as proof