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  1. YhelPabs

    WTS Tank Ferroseed (SOLD)

    S.O. - 300k Minimum Raise - 50k End 24hrs after first bid Insta 1m
  2. YhelPabs

    Shiny Servine! (Reduced S.O.)

    S.O. = 9m Minimum Raise = 250k Insta = 15m End 2days after first bid
  3. YhelPabs

    Shiny Pokes (Cheap)

    (Sold) 200k 300k 300k 400k 300k 700k 300k 300k (Sold) 300k
  4. YhelPabs

    HELP! Winner not replying "(SOLD) Godly Relaxed Torkoal Drought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Starting Offer = 300k Minimum Raise = 50k Insta = 2m Auction ends 24hrs after first bid Payment methods: Coin Capsule = 300k IV Reroll = 600k Nature Reroll = 300k
  5. YhelPabs

    Resolved Wish to de-evolve

    Hi MODs, can i have my shiny rapidash be back to shiny ponyta? Pleassseee. I will appreciate your consideration.
  6. YhelPabs

    WTB (+SpDef) Amoongus/Foongus H.A.

    wtb +spdef foongus/amoongus regen. pay well.
  7. YhelPabs

    (SOLD) EPIC - Contrary - Careful - Malamarrrrr

    Starting offer 1m Minimum raise 100k Auction ends 24hrs after first bid. Insta 5m
  8. YhelPabs

    (SOLD) Epic HA, HP (Ground), Timid Snivyyyyyyyy

    24hrs auction after first bid. 50k min raise. 500k initial bid. Insta 3m.
  9. YhelPabs

    Modest Contrary Snivy 30/26

    Initial Price 350k Minimum raise 50k Auction lasts 2days after first bidder Insta 2m5
  10. YhelPabs

    PVP Pokes Seller.

    * Items not included. * Instant Price only. * First reply wins. 300k 300k 500k 300k 500k 1m5 500k 500k 500k 500k 500k 300k 500k 500k 300k 300k 500k 300k 500k 1m 500k
  11. YhelPabs

    WTB Calm Koffing/weezing

    Message me here
  12. YhelPabs

    GODLY Snover!!!!!

    50k min raise. In game or here. 2m insta