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  1. ShadyShiftry

    Wtb High Tier Shinies(Updated List)

    Shiny Wishlist Pvpable shinies highter than t1 Sandile/evo 5m+ depending on the ivs and nature Any starters (all gens) Dratini, 4-5m Deino, Axew, bagon 8m+ Roggenrolla/evos 8m+ Yamask 5m+ ANY t8 will be looked at, feel free to show me them all Big budget! T8+ Shinies. I will offer more if they...
  2. ShadyShiftry

    Closed (changed mind)

    Decided to keep. Can be closed
  3. ShadyShiftry

    ShadyShiftry's High Tier Shop (Negotiable Prices)

    All prices are negotiable. Also willing to trade multple for high tier Shinies CC are accepted as 270k Discord is ShadyShiftry#0675 Hp Fire Price: 1.8m Impish full stall, no moveset Price: 1m 20+ Price: 1.2m Price:800k
  4. ShadyShiftry

    ShadyShiftry Epic PVP Lend Shop. HP Fire Serperior/Greninja, and More!

    Do you wanna PvP, but you can't farm for hours/days/weeks? Are you not extremely rich? Then this lending shop is for you! I will deliver all Pokemon! If a moveset change is required, I will change it IGN: ShadyShiftry Discord:ShadyShiftry#0675
  5. ShadyShiftry

    Buying PVP Pokemon, big wishlist, big budget

    Greninja hp fire Jolly H.A excadrill epic Hp ice relaxed tang Hp ice bold amoonguss Jolly 31spd breloom Impish rough skin druddigon Post here, or pm in discord at ShadyShiftry#0675
  6. ShadyShiftry

    Resolved Possible transfer

    I recently made a high priced deal from a Pokemon on gold server. I am a gold player, and half of the deal came to silver. I have over 1k hours on gold, and less than 50 hours on silver. I was wondering if I could get the Pokemon from silver sent to my gold account. I would be open to any kind...
  7. ShadyShiftry

    WTS Shiny pvpable Modest Porygon2 instant 15m

    Instant: 15M You can pm me on discord at acorn177#0675 CC valued at 290k
  8. ShadyShiftry

    Can Be Closed

  9. ShadyShiftry

    Wtb jolly H.A Venipede/Scolipede

    Send me your best ones:)
  10. ShadyShiftry

    Wtb low tier good I'vs good nature pokemon

    Post your pics or pm me at discord at Acorn177#0675
  11. ShadyShiftry

    Godly 26+ 2x 30 Adamant Larvitar Auction (Insta Added)

    C.O 3.1m by DutskieIsMyName insta 9m min bid 100k Iaccept cc as 230k 24 hours left No sniping here, so if there is a bid within the last 15 minutes, the auction will last 15 minutes longer, this way it will be fair for all bidders.
  12. ShadyShiftry


    Send me offers here, in game at acorn177 or discord acorn177#0675 CC, or Rerolls accepted too:)
  13. ShadyShiftry

    Wtb Toxicroak epic jolly dry skin, or croagunk

    Looking for a jolly croagunk or Toxicroak, epic jolly or near epic. Pm me in-game at acorn177 On here Or discord at acorn177#0675
  14. ShadyShiftry

    All Three Xmas Hoenn Starters Auction S.O 7m CC and Rerolls accepted

    S.O for the set: 7m Insta: Will be set later cc=250k iv rerolll = 500k I am also open to selling each seperately, pm me and we will make a deal. Auction will last 48 hours Other offers will be listened to at the places below IGN acorn177 discord Acorn177#0675
  15. ShadyShiftry

    Auctioning Epic Jolly H.A 31Atk Tyrantrum ! C.O 400k 3 hours left

    Auction lasts 48 hours after it starts. I accept cc as 220k Good luck!:) C.O 400k by RobTheSlob Insta -Not set yet
  16. ShadyShiftry

    Auction has started on insane timburr 3x30 1x31 Ends September 8th 1:37 pm EST

    Auction ends September 8th 2018 at 1:37 pm EST min bid is 50k In the final minutes each bid will reset the bid clock to 5 minutes. CC=210k c.o 1.4m by drafalgus insta 4m
  17. ShadyShiftry

    Selling tons of fully trained pvp pokemon(updated with lower prices and more pokemon)

    I accept trades for other Pokemon, trained or untrained All prices can be negotiated Cc at 210k value 25k minimum to up bid All pokemon s/o can be negotiated. bidding can end early if a lack of interest is shown. I will not remove offer due to a low price from the auction Don't be afraid to...
  18. ShadyShiftry

    Selling Epic Swift swim 24+ iv seismitoad

    s/o is 300k Insta will be set later. Action lasts for 48 hours after First bid I can end auction short and sell to highest offer if no action is happening Feel free to start:)
  19. ShadyShiftry

    Wtb epic ferroseed :)

    Buying epic ferroseed, leave price in post In game name is acorn177 And discord is acorm177 #0675
  20. ShadyShiftry

    Bold 31 defense Rotom-Wash

    Appraised at 600k offers accepted Feel free to pm me in the game at acorn177:)