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  1. Alolamao

    (Account WONNERED!) Thanks for playing\Rushed Account Giveaway!

    :TreeckoNo::TreeckoNo:DO NOT PM ME IN FORUMS!! I WILL IGNORE IT!!:TreeckoNo::TreeckoNo: 2 hours time, unless answered correctly, Rushed means Rushed.. Gotta go fast.. :PikaLurk::CharYay::RowletHeart::EeveeShy: Which Ascended Champion From League of Legends am I? 1. Name of the Champion. (The...
  2. Alolamao

    Gold Server The Draconid Guild. ~Recruitment [Closed]

    Welcome to the Draconid guild recruitment The guild was recently created, if you would like to join the requirements would be 100 hours playtime to provide proof that you have met this milestone you would have to show your Trainer ID card, if not active for 3 weeks in general we will proceed...
  3. Alolamao

    Slow Start! <3

    This anime is so cute omg Heres a link to the first episode :D Slow Start
  4. Alolamao

    Hmm.. Sayonara~ (Bye~)

    Hmm.. well, I never thought that I would be posting one of these heh heh.. I had some fun adventures with my pixelated pets.. hahaa.. (cringe) Being an Apprentice was fun, thanks for recruiting me Kag-- I mean uhh.. Suhuzen. :Heart: Sorry for the derps along the way Shamac and Shary, was...