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  1. SchattenPalkia

    Resolved Mass Pokemon restore

    Is it possible to restore all Pokémon i deleted yesterday? I don´t have any ID´s. Because I accidentally deleted a Pawniard I was training for a friend.
  2. SchattenPalkia

    World Quest Bug

    I was at 490 points and not even able to give my Vanillites to the mysterys Cultist. The Quest was stopped with at least 60k IVs left. I hope you understand that this is really frustrating. I really hope to get to know what to do now i want a mysterious ticket too. :(
  3. SchattenPalkia

    Resolved A username that is already in use but is not existing

    Hi, I tried to create a new account named "Darkrai". So I asked reborn if the account exists already but it said that the user don't exists on the servers. Then I tried to create the account but PRO said that the user already exists. So here is my question: Is it a bug or anything else? Thanks...