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    Wtb epic ha bulbasaur/charmander pay well

    My budget is 1.3m total
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    Auction almost epic naive ha froakie

    Yah sorry about that first picture wouldn't show ivs
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    Auction almost epic naive ha froakie

    3 day auction start at 400k insta 1.5m HP steel
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    Wtb epic calm goomy and epic ferroseed

    Plz pm me with poke and we can talk about price
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    PC Cleanout!!!

    450k for the forretress
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    Selling epic gastrodon

    1m is insta
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    Offers after 3 days i will pick offer
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    Wts epic jolly infernape pm offer

    Pm offers
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    Silver Server Chaos [Reward System][Silver Server]

    I am from texas
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    Silver Server Chaos [Reward System][Silver Server]

    Ign:markus3396 Active on discord:yes Play time:500+ hours and i play almost daily Goal:become better at pvp Why i want to join: i was told its a good guild Favorite pokemon: charizard because it is the first poke i ever used Favorite animal: dolphins because they are peaceful
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    Wts pink pidgeot

    Comment offers
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    No low offers plz
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    How much u willing to pay
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