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    Sell Epic Snivy h.a. (Serperior) HP Ground

    1. I reserve my right to cancel the auction if the offer is low ( unless the deal is agreed by both sides) 2. Fake offer will be reported 3. Start Bid 1,5m (There isn't a insta for the moment) 4. Time to close the auction 1 week (End in the next Saturday). EDIT I release insta price to sell: 5m
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    I lost a Pokemon <<

    Hello, when there was the xmas event, I was able to get a pikachu xmas (with stat really scarce), immediately after the upgrade to PRO version of Pikachu I stopped playing. To date I logged in I can not find my pokemon .. probably I deleted it by mistake but I do not really remember and then I...
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    I deleted a pokemon by mistake ..

    PRO Username: Alechan Have you looked at the FAQ to solve your issue?: No On which server issue happened: BLUE What have you done before the problem was there? I deleted a pokemon by mistake while I was doing cleaning in the box .. What have you already tried to solve the problem? I have not...