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  1. navneeth

    pvp ready h.a garchomp(sold)

    Selling this h.a garchomp for 800k Ign : Navneeth
  2. navneeth


    Selling this hp fire ninja for 1m5 IGN : Navneeth
  3. navneeth

    shiny modest pvp ready pelipper(sold)

    S.O : 600k Instant : 1m5 Auctions ends after 24h from the first bid. Good luck!!
  4. navneeth

    Buying epic h.a max speed jolly garchomp

    Pm me In-game or discord : Navneeth#2438 Budget : 5m-7m
  5. navneeth

    Epic tyranitar pvp ready(SOLD)

    s.o 1m Insta : 2m Auction ends in 24 h after the first bid. Good luck :]
  6. navneeth

    Wtb h.a hp fire epic amoonguss

    Contact me IG : Navneeth/Starkrey
  7. navneeth

    Wts shiny wailmer(closed)

    Auction rules: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)Auction will last for 48hrs. 2)Fake offers will be reported. 3)Only cash no cc's or other items etc 4)If i'm not satisfied with the final offer,I've the rights to cancel...
  8. navneeth

    Wts timid h.a alakazam/sheerforce conkeldurr

    400k 250k ign : navneeth
  9. navneeth


    c.o 4m4 by Imkimsmum 6hr auction instant 6m. ign: navneeth fake b.o will be reported ty
  10. navneeth

    wts shiny milotic marvelscale :)

    b.o start 7m Auction lasts for 2 days min increment of offers shud be 1m and i have the rights to cancel the auction if i'm not satisfied with the price ^.^ ty have a good day !!!
  11. navneeth

    wts shiny cubone

    b.o start 400k insta 1m
  12. navneeth


    Buying rare shiny willing to pay 10m+ hit me up ign: navneeth :):CharYay:
  13. navneeth

    wts few rare shinies

    b.o start 5m insta 7m 8m insta (can negotiate) ty :)
  14. navneeth

    wts shiny snorunt

    wts pm offer insta 3m :)))
  15. navneeth

    wts s krokodile

    b.o start 6m
  16. navneeth

    wts good shinies

    3m insta 5m insta 4m insta accept pvp pokes pm me :Grin:
  17. navneeth

    wts best ingame xatu h.a

    insta 4m (can negotiate) :Cool: ign:navneeth
  18. navneeth

    wts xmas stantler version2

    insta 500k ign:navneeth :Angel:
  19. navneeth

    Buy shiny corphish

    Buying shiny corphish pm me :Grin: ign:navneeth
  20. navneeth

    selling epic porygon trained

    b.o start 1m insta 2m. ign:navneeth