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    Wts shiny fletchling adam ha epic

    Hi guys,, i dont know for that price and i thiking you can make opinion for me.
  2. D

    Wts shiny gastly max spd

    Sorry i am wrong clik to vitorge. No traded to his. Can be closed :thanks:
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    Wts Yanmega spd spatk 31 31

    Hi guys,, I want sell yanmega epic 31 31. I hope you like this. So 350k No insta 3 days for action. I will start if the first offer. :Angel:
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    wts some epic togekiss larvitar etc

    https://imgur.com/a/aCGoN pm with offer
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    wts best impish sturdy skarmory offer

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    wts some pokemon if interest pm me on game

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    wts goodra hidden ability

    https://imgur.com/bMKT74v c.o 850k by arue