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    I want to de-evolve my slowbro

    I want to de-evolve my slowbro to its first form slowpoke.plz i want to de-evolve it to its previous form. Photo has been attached . Hope u will help me:)
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    Gold Server Wrongly released my pokemon

    Hello sir. I wrongly released my pokemon (onix) i am in gold server at hoenn region I had purchase that onixfor 10k and now i wrongly relaesed it . Plz re store it plz Lvl of onix is 22 id of onix below Id: 21808393
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    Resolved Wrongly released my pokemon.

    hello sir, i wrongly released my onix today .i am at hoenn region. Can u help plz. I had purchase it for 10k. Id no. Of pokemon released is given below in screen shot . I hope u might do something.
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    Lost money (10k)

    i lost my money (10k) After completing kanto and johto region i battle joe and defeated him at indigo plateau. And then i meet hoenn trainer . When i reached hoenn region i look at my money it was 192k .but i previously have 202k . How this could be happen . Plz help. (Photo show 192k as u can see)
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    Silver Server Lost pokemons

    Unable to get my pokemons back after merging my account from red veraion to silver