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  1. idkup

    [BOTH SERVERS] UU Circuit May 2019

    The unofficial PRO Tournaments Discord is hosting another UU Circuit! Join here: discord.gg/Z5U4pdc This time, we're hosting on Pokemon Showdown in order to give players from both servers a chance to compete with each other after the vastly different metagames seen in the twin UU tournaments...
  2. idkup

    Gold Server UU Circuit II

    UU Circuit II break It's been 18 months... but it's back! First off, I'd like to thank the following people (and guilds) for their contributions to the dataset: Gold Silver break I'm hosting yet another UU tournament, just... seventeen months overdue... Registration will close on...
  3. idkup

    Ranked PvP Viability Rankings (Last updated 7-17-2019)

    break This thread attempts to accurately present the relative power of Pokemon in PRO's Ranked Battle format. This is not meant to be the end-all, be-all resource for teambuilding, and neither is it intended that you always pick the highest ranked option. Viability exists in tandem with synergy...
  4. idkup

    [GUIDE] Pokemon Revolution Speed Tiers

    Only Pokemon ranked B- or above on my viability list are included. Here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C2vR3497vIBXJ6lhHtMXJHvfcjiUa8MYtmZWrUN9OnY/edit?usp=sharing
  5. idkup

    [GUIDE] Yet Another Viability Rankings List

    You can view the list here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c7IOKm7XMRnJ8gqggvpyGZcLqB7oc5Gts86GpSZXUQI/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to: Ironcoque, anthonyliu, dangarangs, Fairview This is our take on viability rankings and we believe it to be better than the one currently on these forums...
  6. idkup

    [GUIDE] Pokemon Revolution PvP Teambuilding Role Compendium | [GUIDE] HOW TO BUILD TEAMS GOOD

    Here is a compendium of Pokemon suitable for various roles in PvP. Not all Pokemon on this list are advisable or even viable, but they are capable of performing their listed roles to some degree. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PPchY6H-Wbc3XtSBoREQ0FNIcCrjjF-Fc8Bzx8gZhLY/edit?usp=sharing...
  7. idkup

    [GUIDE] Brief Checklist of Threats to Consider When Teambuilding

    I see a lot of people with teams that simply do not answer one major threat or another. Here's a google doc guide to make checking off threats easier. However, I don't address HOW to answer these threats - that is for you to figure out yourself :)...
  8. idkup


    I haven't played since August (college btw), and just wanted to quickly ask what's changed - if anyone could give me a quick rundown of new content that would be appreciated :)
  9. idkup

    Genesect, Shadow Tag, Blaziken Suspect Discussion Thread

    Since the other thread is only for voting, I thought I'd make this thread for discussion with Chappy's approval. This is to be the place for all suspect-related discussion, keep it off the Discord. The entities currently being suspected are the Pokemon Genesect and Blaziken, as well as a...
  10. idkup

    [YELLOW] UU Circuit July

    Special thanks to: Team Magma, especially iSmurfie, and UU Council.
  11. idkup

    [Yellow] UU Circuit Tournament

    Special thanks to: Entire Team Magma guild, and Royalism.
  12. idkup

    Usage Statistics - YELLOW Server

    Similar to Sitzei's post but with more analysis and an UU / OU split included. This is for YELLOW server only. Usage trend from 5 months ago (my last dataset) also included. UU is based on a weighted average of all my data, the more recent the data, the more value it has. This usage list will be...
  13. idkup

    Can we get an official metagame discussion thread for each server?

    This forum is kind of dead currently, and almost half the new posts are complaining about some aspect of the metagame and asking for it to be banned. Perhaps official threads where we could discuss the state of the metagame in a civil manner and throw ideas around could revive this forum?
  14. idkup

    PvP Info Stash Strategy Pokedex

    Alright, so these are some guides I've had laying around for a while. They were not originally intended to be public, but the metagame on Yellow, especially on the ladder, is so stale that I thought these might spark some small inspiration for you all. I will be resuming work on these soon...
  15. idkup

    [YELLOW] PRO UU Tournament + PvP Info Stash is now public

    [insert cool banner i don't have here] First off, let me preface this by saying that PvP Info Stash is not a new discord channel. It's been around for a couple months, but until now it has only been open to my guild and friends. However, this is changing today - the majority of the server is...
  16. idkup

    Suspicious disconnects

    Anyone else often DCing with no warning (lag, etc) when you're about to win a match on Yellow? It always seems to be against the same people too...
  17. idkup

    Ban Clefable from Ranked!!!

    considering theres a thread for talonflame and clefable is more broken by far, this is completely justified. 1st - it can do literally everything, set stealth rock, spread status, sweep lategame, absorb status, heal bell 2nd - an extremely limited selection of checks puts major strain on...
  18. idkup

    Um... wth?

    My account won't log in on Yellow, and the PRO Reporting site shows that i have 0 hr 0 min on it? When in fact I've had 500+ hours?