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  1. NamelessHero27

    Wtb froakie

    Need 2 froakie. Protean Nature modest mild or rash Ivs: decent spatak, rest can be trash
  2. NamelessHero27

    Wts Epic Munchlax

    Epic munchlax for sale. No "reserve the rigth to cancel" here. Min rise 50k No delete offer. Auction start after first offer i accept. Last 2 days. Bo: 950k Insta: 1.5 m
  3. NamelessHero27

    NH27 Lending Shop

    This shop will serve as lending service for pvp and story mode. Prices: 8k day for PVP poke, 5k day for story poke. Max lending days: 10. This is because you may want to change team or not use it anymore and if I do a 30 days lend the poke will last in a pc unused too much time. The order of...
  4. NamelessHero27

    Shiny Nidoqueen Modest Sheer Force When - sold

    leave an offer here. auction start when I accept first offer and last 24 hours. No "keep the rigth to refuse if I don't like the price" rule here. Insta 600k.
  5. NamelessHero27

    Do Akatsuki Robe, Akatsuki Headband, UA Uniform, Turtle School Uniform, Snorlax Mounts

    is an in game preview of those stuff available? Because pve shop doesn't allow you to see it like coins shop.
  6. NamelessHero27

    WTB Drilbur

    WTB Drilbur. Nature: Jolly Abi: Mold Breaker Atk: 25+ Spd: 30+ Def/Spdef/HP: 20+ show me with prices.
  7. NamelessHero27

    RED AND BLUE SERVER - WTS Shiny Togekiss Modest Serene Grace, insta 5m

    I want to sell this shiny to both server, because of the incoming merge. So, both Red and Blue players can offer. Just a warning: if you come to blue server, the trade will be made after the merge. DO NOT OFFER if you don't really want to buy it. I don't want any "I changed my mind" "I don't...
  8. NamelessHero27

    WTS 2 Epic Poke (Rotom Wash - Ferrothorn) SOLD

    Start: not yet BO: ??? Start: not yet BO: ??? Auction will start after the first good offer, will last 24 hours.
  9. NamelessHero27

    WTS Epic HP Ice Timid Contrary Snivy

    Epic Snivy. HP ICE. BO: 1,1m by Trugneo Insta: 2m END: 19:00 Euro Time 27/10 Only cash and coins (400k each coins capsule) accepted.
  10. NamelessHero27

    WTS Shiny Ditto

    Selling Best offer: 625k by STRATEGIST. End 22/10 - 13:00. Insta: 1m Auction will start after the first good offer and will last 48 hours. Please from now on at least 50k min increase.
  11. NamelessHero27

    WTS Cofagrigus

    Start: 350k ~ GotSave, end 23:00 Euro time, 11/9 Insta: no Start after the first offer, last 48 hours.
  12. NamelessHero27

    WTS epic Ferrothorn

    Best Offer: 700k by MackTheSnakee. End 12:45 euro time, 30/8 no insta. Auction will last 48 hours since the first offer. Sold 1m
  13. NamelessHero27

    WTS Almost Perfect Hippowdon

    BO: 10m by Samu94. End 23/7, 22:40 European time. No insta. Auction will start after the first offer and will last 48 hours.
  14. NamelessHero27

    WTB Draw/Forum Signature

    Hi. I would like to buy a Draw of my npc in game whit 6 poke, paying in Red Server money. :Grin: I would like it in something similar to a manga style (like the pokemon manga), in a location of your choice like a forest or something like that. :Grin: This is my npc: The poke are...
  15. NamelessHero27

    WTS Epic Conkeldurr

    Start: Epic Tyranitar (aka 2m) from Nasulelijah Insta: 3,5m ends 14:00 11/3 middle europe time.
  16. NamelessHero27

    WTS Shiny Spinda

    Offer me.
  17. NamelessHero27

    WTS Epic Dragonite - Added start price

    Auction will last 24 hrs. Start Price: 4 m. Insta: 5m.
  18. NamelessHero27

    PizzaLovers Daycare service / NEW SERVICE: Loyal card

    Welcome to PizzaLovers daycare shop. :Grin: We can do Level Up and Full Ev train. Here is the prices: Level up: Ev training: Rules: 1 - If you want a quick service, you have to say it before. 2 - If you don't log in for 2 weeks after the service is done, your poke is gone...
  19. NamelessHero27

    WTS Adamant H.A. Talonflame [TRADED]

    waiting for offer.