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  1. GengarLv100

    My wishlist

    Aerodactyl jolly rock head (2m+ if 31 speed) Porygon timid or evo (3m+ if epic 31 speed) Serperior timid hp fire (3m only if 26+speed) Mawile adamant ANY NON H.A ABY Cubone adamant rock head Post your mons here or pm discord :) (GengarLv100#1855)
  2. GengarLv100

    [SOLD][MEGAS INCOMING] Salamence 31 31 Intimidate one of the best of server.

    Hey, you may all know that Megas are coming soon and I will like to sell my 31 31 Salamence. Starting offer: 800k Min raise bid: 100k Insta: 2m I accept: cc 280k each, and Reroll Tickets at 550k each The auction will last 2 days after the first bid. Good luck. Post your offer here or pm me...
  3. GengarLv100

    wtb chesnaught or evos

    wtb chesnaught impish h.a epic pm me price can pay up to 3m if really good
  4. GengarLv100

    Some pokes I want to buy (Garchomp, Greninja, Venusaur...) 3m budget each

    Hey guys, here's a list of Pokes I want to buy. I have a 3m budget for each, and could be more if the poke is really epic. Pokes must have 20+ IVS and near 31 in some particular stats that will be defined. Hidden Power is not a must, but will be an extra for the prize. .Garchomp: Impish, Rough...
  5. GengarLv100

    Wtb bold or calm Bulbasaur or evos pay well

    Would like to buy Bulbasaur or evos BOLD / CALM pref hp. ground no necessary chlorofill post me your offers. Pay well.
  6. GengarLv100

    Panyaker's Friendly Shop [UPDATE 04/2019 - AND MORE COMING SOON]

    THE PANYAKER'S LITTLE FAMILY HunZer UpvExChallenger GengarLv100 HERE YOU CAN FIND Epic and Godly PvP Trained Pokes Epic and Godly PvP Untrained Pokes Decent Low Cost Pokes Shiny and Rare WAYS TO PAY Cash is preferred but you can pay with this items, and this is how much we value them as...
  7. GengarLv100

    wts epic Magmortar PvP ready!!

    350 b.o by Hunzer insta 900k
  8. GengarLv100

    Stuck in Goldenroad Mart (Underground)

    PRO Username: GengarLv10 Have you looked at the FAQ to solve your issue?: No On which server issue happened: RED What have you done before the problem was there? Retrieving all the abductees pkmn (Goldenrod Mat - Underground) What have you already tried to solve the problem? Description and...