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  1. Dofalmingo

    Farewell pro :D

    Hello Everyone, It sad to say goodbye but time have come.I'm very happy to enjoy this game and got lots of friend.Also thanks to Chronos Guild for give me a place to stay and enjoy game together even Chronos will no longer and thanks to all staff for make this amazing game. Special thanks to...
  2. Dofalmingo

    Donquixote Shop !

    Welcome To My Personal Shop Here You Can Find Epic , Decent & Shiny. I accept cc = 200k , iv reroll ticket = 400k , rare candy = 5k Rule 1. Fake offer = report 2. I accept cc = 220k , Iv reroll ticket = 400k , Rare Candy = 5k 3. Item not include 4.All Insta Price 5.Don't troll , Don't comment...
  3. Dofalmingo

    WTS Epic Modest Togekiss

    Wts This Cute epic Bid start-2m Insta- ? Rule. 1.Fake offer = report 2. Auction will run after got start offer 3. No comment 4. 24hr auction
  4. Dofalmingo

    Donquixote Daycare Service ☆

  5. Dofalmingo

    Please Close !

    Wts somes epic ! 1. Fake offer = report 2. I will start auction when i like offer 3. Don't ask for price just offer negotiable 4. No troll post = report 5. Cc = 350k 6. Mini offer = 500k B.o - Insta - Have a nice days !
  6. Dofalmingo

    Close Please Thanks

    I would like to sell some pkm Rule 1.fake offer = report 2.i will start when i like the price 3. I can cancel offer if i don't like Start - 800k Insta-
  7. Dofalmingo

    WTS H.A Talonflame , Insta Added

    Rule 1.fake offer = report 2.auction 1days 3.I don't accept ms 4.i can cancle if i don't like last offer B.o 1.6m Insta- Will add after 12hr left Auction -1days Insta-2.5m Waiting For Trade
  8. Dofalmingo

    Wts epic careful talonflame h.a one of the best in server

    Rule 1.ms=400k 2.Fake offer = report 3.No comment 4.can cancel any time if i think that offer low 5.Interesting For trade Slyveon h.a modest , Hydregion Timid Here B.o- 3.1m by Carlosv7 Insta-6m Auction 24hr! Thanks For Offer
  9. Dofalmingo

    Please Close Due To Worng Channel

    Rule 1.Fake Offer=Report 2 Ms=700k 3.Don't Comment 4.Since It All Not My Pokemon all onwer is Lilsjester I help her Because She can't Come Forums With Old Mobile Phone 5.Free free to Offer 6.Auction Will Start When jester Like that offer 7.I Have Right way for keep Pokemon , I Can cancel Auction...
  10. Dofalmingo

    Sold Insta (Close)

    Wts My Godly Thanks For View :Smile:
  11. Dofalmingo

    Keep Pkm Please Close !

    Rule 1.Fake Offer = Report 2.ms=700k 3.i Can cancel the auction anytime if i don't like that offer Offer Me Negotiable Price Start-8m(3Days Auction) Insta- Sell-700k Start-3m (2day Auction) Insta- Sell-1.2m Thanks For Visit :Smile: :Heart:
  12. Dofalmingo

    Wts Epic Scizor Full Train (Sold Insta)

    I belive my scizor best one Rule 1. Fake offer = report 2. Membership(ms)= 800k 3. 1day Auction Start Price-1.2m Insta-Sold Insta Thanks ^^
  13. Dofalmingo


    Rule 1.ms=800k 2. 1days Auction 3. Fake offer= Report Best Offer-2m Insta - after 12hr or pm me in game for negotiable price insta Goodluck Everyone Thanks :Smile:
  14. Dofalmingo

    WTS Metagross PVP Ready (Sold Insta)

    Rule 1.ms=800k 2.Fake offee = report Insta add when 12hr left Auction 2days Start-800k Insta-1.8m Sold insta Then exchange to new mount 2 Thanks :Heart: :kiss:
  15. Dofalmingo


    Rule 1.ms=800k 2.I have right way to keep pkm WTS 1m
  16. Dofalmingo

    Wts Some Good PvP Pkm (Sold)

    Rule 1.fake buyer=report Talonflame = 600k Thanks For Visit & Buy :kiss:
  17. Dofalmingo

    Wts Epic Flygon pvp Ready (Sold)

    Rule 1.i have right way to keep pkm if i don't like auction i can cancel auction 2.fake offer= report 3. Accept Ms 600k Start Price 600k , 48hr Auction Thanks ^^ :kiss:
  18. Dofalmingo

    Donquixote Daycare Service(Close)

    Welcome To Donquixote Daycare Service Team(Only Me Now)...
  19. Dofalmingo

    Sold All

    Rule Fake offer = report Ms=400k Insta Only Milktank 500k ,Politoed Sold , Sableye Sold https://imgur.com/gallery/4bhWi :thanks: :Shy:
  20. Dofalmingo

    Wts PvP ready Mamo [Sold]

    Wts https://imgur.com/gallery/DTWkC Insta 350k Only :Smile: