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    How to get Darkrai

    A guide on how to get Darkrai during the Halloween event of 2017 Requirements: - At least 100h played - Finish part 1 of the event from what I was told by players so far, this includes beating Kaguya but not Zetsu - Finish main story (Until Sinnoh) - Only catchable during 0:00AM to 2:00AM...
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    Can be closed

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    Epic Liepard

    Auctioning my cat Start: 200k Insta: To be added soon. CO: -
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    Can be closed

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    Can be closed.

    Didn't want to sell it at first, but eventually decided to do it: I'm auctioning my Aipom. CO: - Start is 3m; the insta price is at 7m.
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    Can be closed.

    I'm selling my squid: Start: 300k Insta: 1m CO: NoPistons 350k
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    Can be closed

    Selling those two: CO: SOLD INGAME CO: - 50k start for each.
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    Got rewarded twice

    Hey, when you guys held that big tournament a few months ago that rewarded the legendary dogs I ended up on third place on Yellow and got my rewards from Daeon in-game (a 60day MS). I ended up not playing for a few months and when I logged back in today I found out that another GM had given me...
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    Can be closed

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    Can be closed

    Selling my monkey. Start: 700k CO: -
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    PVP Tentacruel [Ended]

    I'm selling my squid. bulehoror wins with 900k
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    - sold to Vmrock456 for the insta price of 1m -
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    Auctioning those 2 cuties: Start on Aerodactyl is 800k; Insta at 2m // CO: Start on Bergmite is 100k. // CO: 500k by Derching
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    Can't get into the game

    Hey, I'm having trouble getting back onto the server. The server was lagging earlier and I attempted a relog, which resulted in me being unable to log on since. The client keeps telling me "User already logged in" which - of course - isn't the case. Thankful for any help!
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    Selling my Calamaris. Dacs95 wins with 750k
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    Careful HA Gligar

    Selling this: Start 200k Insta 1.5m CO: 250k Shaqus
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    Looking for a PvP-Gengar

    Hey! As the title says, I am currently looking for a good Gengar. I am searching for a timid nature, 31 IVs in speed and spatk and decent (meaning 20+) IVs in the other stats. Depending on how good it is overall, I'm willing to pay up to 6m.
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    Refighting the Legendaries

    I wanted to ask how exactly the refighting works; can I defeat and refight the legendaries infinitely often? Also, how long is the cooldown on the boss fight that resets them, is it 2 weeks as with the other bosses? Please only answer me if you know it for sure, as it isn't something that I...
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    Selling some epics

    Insta 1m // CO: 200k kiirit0 Insta 1m // CO: 400k kiirit0 Insta 1m // CO: Insta 2m // CO: 450k patopelele Reserving the right to decline any trade. Starting with 200k on all of them.