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  1. AkatsukiHikari

    Sell some pretty cool shinies

    I want to sell some pretty cool shinies. the bid will end after 3 days since the time I know the offer for that pokemon. The bid won't start even somebody start offer. It only start when I know someone is offering that pokemon. Example: someone s.o delcatty but I don't know it because I don't...
  2. AkatsukiHikari

    Selling some epic god and near god lv 100 trained pkm

    Want to sell some epic pokemon lv 100 trained . End offer after I set insta price 2 days sold : trade for 150k + 100c from majaharali if u guy want to buy it pm majaharali :) thanks for bidding S.O : 700k Insta : ? sold : trade for shiny manetric from Idougz if u guy want to buy it pm...
  3. AkatsukiHikari

    Shiny and Xmas PVP pokemon : Crobat , Kingdra , Altaria

    Shiny Crobat S.O : 2m , Insta : No Shiny Kingdra S.O : 2m , Insta : No Xmas Altaria C.O : 3m - S.O : 6m , Insta : No End time : not yet