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  1. Necro

    Annual Summer PvP Tournament 2019

    gl all
  2. Necro

    Necro's Pokemon Shop ~

    Welcome to my Shop (; ~ I will try to have all kinds of Pokemon, trained or untrained! I do have set prices but feel free to PM for any reason. See ya :p Discord Necro#8818 or Join My Discord <-- Gyarados Shop Story Related Pokemon // Decent Pvp I will try and update every week!
  3. Necro

    Farewell friends

    aw noo, thanks for being a friend since red blue and gold days. you've always been nice to me and my guildmates at the time and was always so positive. you're an amazing person and will do great things in life. enjoy it all. (:
  4. Necro

    Necro's All Coded OU Tournament, Join Now!

    Welcome to Necro's All Coded OU Tournament Hosted by Necro On: P O K E M O N S H O W D O W N https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ I've decided to host another tournament and from the poll I posted a month ago, people wanted to do a OU Tournament. It will be PRO Rules but I'm allowing...
  5. Necro

    [2019] Easter Pokemon

    It's mainly for looks and for peoples collection
  6. Necro

    [2019] Easter Pokemon

    That is currently not in game as of right now
  7. Necro

    [2019] Easter Pokemon

    Welcome back for Easter 2019. Here are all the forms that are obtainable this year! Azurill Family Exeggcute Family Feebas Family Kangaskhan Munchlax Family Larvesta Family Togepi Family with Mutiple Forms Check your Pokedex or Reborn bot in PRO Discord to know their locations! Chance: 1/550...
  8. Necro

    hoenn, mt pyre to time magma hideout

    this isnt the place to post this lol, you would have to post this under general support area o.o
  9. Necro

    Resolved unable to login gold server

    If you're having login issues, It means the server was down at that time but If you have issues still then try resetting your password https://pokemonrevolution.net/forgot-password
  10. Necro

    Drought icon not appearing in trainer battles

    It seemed to be working properly in wild battles and PVP battles. Maybe it's slightly bugged for PvE
  11. Necro

    Resolved password

    the Dashboard, Website, & Password reset isnt working right now and no eta on when it will be fixed, stated by Shinohara. They will announce in the PRO Discord on any update about it (:
  12. Necro

    poke problem

    if that marill was tradeable then that means it was caught in either johto or kanto because if it was caught in hoenn then he couldnt accept the trade. that individual would have to beat johto to unlock the pokemon that were caught in kanto or johto for you to get your marill back.
  13. Necro

    i want to play selver sarver

    you would have to wait for the thread of account transfer to open, which i have no idea when or start over on silver server :/
  14. Necro

    [2019] Valentines Event Spawns

    i found one but didnt get any effects :c
  15. Necro

    [2019] Valentines Event Spawns

    Info These Pokemon can be caught at places they normally spawn The chance is 1/550 !! Valentine Pokemon Here are the forms for all of them ! Goodluck Hunting
  16. Necro

    Finished PvP Matches and Teams

  17. Necro

    Resolved Help with legendary dogs

    All I can is reread the steps of the quest or check your pokedex because you're maybe missing something. You have to have the required bell then vs the guardian for that bell. ^^
  18. Necro

    Arriving To Sinnoh

    Arriving To Sinnoh You're finally done with Hoenn and wanting to travel to Sinnoh but there are some NPCs you have to battle to go! There are 6 NPCs that spell out SINNOH located around Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn that require you to bring them a certain Pokemon to battle them! Info -The...
  19. Necro

    [2019] Fossil Guide