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  1. Necro

    Necro's Pokemon Shop ~

    Welcome to my Shop (; ~ I will try to have all kinds of Pokemon, trained or untrained! I do have set prices but feel free to PM for any reason. See ya :p Discord Necro#8818 or Join My Discord <-- Gyarados Shop Story Related Pokemon // Decent Pvp I will try and update every week!
  2. Necro

    Necro's All Coded OU Tournament, Join Now!

    Welcome to Necro's All Coded OU Tournament Hosted by Necro On: P O K E M O N S H O W D O W N https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ I've decided to host another tournament and from the poll I posted a month ago, people wanted to do a OU Tournament. It will be PRO Rules but I'm allowing...
  3. Necro

    [2019] Easter Pokemon

    Welcome back for Easter 2019. Here are all the forms that are obtainable this year! Azurill Family Exeggcute Family Feebas Family Kangaskhan Munchlax Family Larvesta Family Togepi Family with Mutiple Forms Check your Pokedex or Reborn bot in PRO Discord to know their locations! Chance: 1/550...
  4. Necro

    [2019] Valentines Event Spawns

    Info These Pokemon can be caught at places they normally spawn The chance is 1/550 !! Valentine Pokemon Here are the forms for all of them ! Goodluck Hunting
  5. Necro

    Arriving To Sinnoh

    Arriving To Sinnoh You're finally done with Hoenn and wanting to travel to Sinnoh but there are some NPCs you have to battle to go! There are 6 NPCs that spell out SINNOH located around Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn that require you to bring them a certain Pokemon to battle them! Info -The...
  6. Necro

    [2019] Fossil Guide

    Obtaining Fossils This guide is how to obtain all the fossils that are available All Fossils In Game Helix Fossil || Omanyte Dome Fossil || Kabuto Old Amber || Aerodactyl Claw Fossil || Anorith Root Fossil || Lileep Armor Fossil || Shieldon Skull Fossil || Cranidos Sail Fossil || Amaura Jaw...
  7. Necro

    [2019] Solaceon Daily Quest ~ News Reporter

    News Reporter The News Reporter of Sinnoh needs your help with the daily newspaper! 1) Travel to Solaceon Town and enter the house next to the PokéCenter 2) Interact with the News Reporter He will ask for your help by bringing him a certain Pokemon in 24 hours. The Pokemon has to be...
  8. Necro

    [2019] Eeveelutionist Devan Quest

    Eeveelutionist Devan Quest 1) Travel to vermilion city and enter the pokemon club 2) Talk to Eeveelutionist Devan 3) Your Eevee have to be your OT and evolved by you. How to evolve Eevee to all evolutions All 3 stones can be obtained in Celadon City Department Store. ~ Vapereon : Water...
  9. Necro

    Wtb Mold Breaker Careful Nature Drilbur

    wtb h.a careful drilbur, decent pvpable one (: i have monies
  10. Necro

    WIP 2018 PRO Christmas Event Pokemon

    As You Can See, The Christmas Event Is Out And A Lot Of You Have Been Asking "What Pokes Are Xmas" or "What Can I Catch". So Here Is What You Can Catch/Obtain. New 2018 Christmas Pokemon/Forms ~ Riolu & Lucario ~ Torchic, Combusken & Blaziken ~ Mudkip, Marshstomp & Swampert ~ Treecko, Grovyle &...
  11. Necro

    Necro Shop

  12. Necro

    Released My Bisharp On Accident

    I'm here to report that I released my Bisharp on accident, trying to take life orb off of it >_<, I have its ID # Hope you can help ! ( Was holding a Life Orb )
  13. Necro

    Nice Mamoswine Sell, 500k C.O

    Wts Nice Mamo, 500k C.O
  14. Necro

    MarKenshi's Shop ;)

    Welcome To My Shop :) Selling A Few Pokes, PM Me In Game If Interested ! 300k 400k [/size] 300k 300k 650k 450k
  15. Necro


    Hi, Anyone trying to sell me a sylveon mount for 400k? ;-;, please & ty
  16. Necro


    How's Everyone Doing Today :o?
  17. Necro

    WTS Pumpakboo :o

    Ik Its Not The Best But >>>