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  1. captainwestenra

    How to change your avatar/signature

    ◓ How to change your avatar on the forum ◓ PRONIKO STYLE ⇨ copy the link of the avatar's image ⇨ on your screen's right side on the forum ⇨ click on User Control Panel ⇨ read the tabs and click on Profile ⇨ on profile click on Edit avatar ⇨ you'll see the Avatar type, click on its options and...
  2. captainwestenra

    looking for blue guild

    i've just recently started playing with roughly 43 hours of gameplay and am currently training my team for the elite 4 in kanto. i'm trying to get into pvp and joining a guild that is helpful to beginners is the best choice for me. i also try other platforms to gain more knowledge of the...
  3. captainwestenra

    Heeey, hi

    heeeeeey !!!!! i've been watching a lot of bob's burgers while playing PRO (talk about multitasking), so if you do know the show please read the title in louise's voice randomly bumped into PRO some days ago and fell in love, the graphics are awesome and it's so nice to have a lil pokemon...
  4. captainwestenra

    Silver Server CAP'S DESIGN SHOP

    ≋ only silver server for now! ≋ post here for requests, i'll contact you via discord (feel free to add me at sloan#8345) or pm to meet up for the payment or more details and updates. all the works are done on ps cc 2018, if you ever want help with something, don’t hesitate sending a pm. i...