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  1. AsukaIshimaru

    Asuka's Little Arting Nook

    Welcome, trainer! That you found your way here means you probably appreciate art. Make yourself at home in my little arting nook. I hope you'll like what you find here. :RowletHeart: Comments and constructive criticism are well appreciated. Prompts may be accepted.
  2. AsukaIshimaru

    Hello fellow trainers!

    Nice to meet you all. :D I'm new to PRO but have been playing pkmn since red/green/yellow. I'm mostly looking for nice chats and new friends while playing the game; as an author and artist I may even post some works once in a while, if there is a fanart/fanfiction section. Recently I joined...
  3. AsukaIshimaru

    Resolved login issue, server error 0x01

    Since yesterday I am unable to log into the game via client. Today I tried logging in to the website with my username and my password (logging in with email and the same password worked). In the picture you can see the message I received. Please help. Thank you in advance.