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[2019] Fossil Guide


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Jul 29, 2016
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Obtaining Fossils

This guide is how to obtain all the fossils that are available
All Fossils In Game
Helix Fossil || Omanyte

Dome Fossil || Kabuto
dome fossil.png

Old Amber || Aerodactyl
old amber.png

Claw Fossil || Anorith
claw fossil.png

Root Fossil || Lileep
root fossil.png

Armor Fossil || Shieldon
armor fossil.png

Skull Fossil || Cranidos
skull fossil.png

Sail Fossil || Amaura
sail fossil.png

Jaw Fossil || Tyrunt
jaw fossil.png

How To Obtain


Tirtouga~ Jura Cave in Leev Town ( requires membership )
Omanyte~ Route 127 Underwater using Super Rod
Kabuto~ Route 124 Underwater using Super Rod
Archen~ Route 226 ( requires membership )

During Adventure

Mt. Moon B2f (Kanto): After Brock you're able to enter Mt Moon. In the basement floor towards the exit you'll find a scientist willing to battle with team rocket grunts along the way. Win the battle and you can choose between a Helix Fossil or Dome fossil

Ruins Of Alph Second Chamber (Johto): Completing a task during the Celebi quest, an npc will offer you a Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Root Fossil, or Claw Fossil. You're allowed to choose one you prefer.

Requires Membership
Leev Town (Hoenn): Scientist Smith will need your help defeating a Mega-Aerodactyl. Travel to Jura Cave and defeat it. It will turn into an Old Amber. Bring it back to Scientist Smith and he will reward it to you.

scientist smith.png

Dig Spots

Outside of battles, you can use the move dig for the cracks in the ground located in certain areas.
Requirements: Your Pokemon needs at least 151 happiness and the Thunder Badge which is obtained from Vermilion City.

Dig spots reset every 3 days ( 72 hours )

Route 3 ( Kanto )
Chance for Old Amber

Mt. Moon B2F ( Kanto )
Chance for Helix Fossil

Rock Tunnel 1 ( Kanto )
Chance for Dome Fossil

Rock Tunnel 2 ( Kanto )
Chance for Dome Fossil, Root Fossil, and Claw Fossil

Mt. Mortar 1F ( Johto )
Chance for Root Fossil

Slowpoke Well L1 ( Johto )
Chance for Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, and Old Amber

(Most Likely all confirmed)

Boss Reward

Brock: Diglett Cave B1f ( Kanto )

Requirements: 1 Lvl 100 Pokemon & 150 Hours of playtime

Fossil Reward: Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil, Old Amber, Root Fossil, & Claw Fossil
Pokemon Reward: Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith, Kabuto, & Omanyte

Gingery Jones: Feral Site ( Fiery Path - Hoenn )

Requirements: Lvl 100's in your team & 2400 Discoveries

Fossil Reward: Jaw Fossil & Sail Fossil
Pokemon Reward: Tyrunt & Amaura

Terminator: Mt. Silver Moltres Chamber

Requirements: 400 Hours of playtime & Sinnoh Champion
Pokemon Reward: Shieldon

Excavation Sites ( Hoenn )
Excavation Guide <--

Haunted Site (Rusturf Tunnel) | Mineral Site (Route 115) | Feral Site (Fiery Path) | Glacial Site (Route 103) | Natural Site (Route 119A) | Historical Site (Route 111 desert) | Wondrous Site (Route 114) | Briny Site (Route 124)

In all locations you can obtain: Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Old Amber, Root Fossil, Claw Fossil, Skull Fossil, Armor Fossil, Jaw Fossil, & Sail Fossil

Requirements (I believe they still apply)
+4000 Discoveries
Recommended to use a Pick Axe from the Coin Shop

WARNING: The fossils can break if you do not have any of the requirements.

Exchanging Artifact Pieces

Doing excavation sites you earn artifact pieces from rock smashing the rocks. You can trade those pieces for a variety of items in Historical Site
Exchanging Pieces:
Old Amber, Root Fossil, Claw Fossil, Jaw Fossil, & Sail Fossil
artifact 2.png

artifact 1.png
Buying With PokeDollars

In Devon Corporation Building (2F) there is a npc named Kurnia who will allow you to purchase a Jaw Fossil or Sail Fossil for $120,000. You need to have 240 evolutions or more. You can buy up to 12 fossils every 24 hours.

Where To Revive The Fossils
Cinnabar Lab Room 3 ( Cinnabar Island - Kanto )
You can revive: Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Old Amber, Jaw Fossil, & Sail Fossil
cinnabar 1.png

cinnabar 2.png

cinnabar 3.png

SpringDell Hideout Lab ( Sevii Island 6 - Kanto )
You can revive: Root Fossil & Claw Fossil
(creds to jaccard1)

Ruins Of Alph Research Center ( Johto )
You can revive: Root Fossil & Claw Fossil
ruins 1.png

ruins 2.png

ruins 3.png

ruins 4.png

Devon Corporation 2f (Rustboro City - Hoenn)
You can revive: Dome Fossil , Helix Fossil , Old Amber , Root Fossil, & Claw Fossil

rustboro 1.png


Historical Site (Route 111 Dessert -Hoenn)
site 1.png

site 2.png
site 3.png
Most recommended place because you're able to use synchronize ability for 50% to sync the nature of your choice!

Obtaining "Archaeologist Permit" from Fossil Maniac Charles.

$2500 to enter the site
6000 discoveries or more
$10,000 each revive

site 4.png

site 5.png

Goodluck Obtaining [:

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Mar 12, 2018
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This informations are very helpful. But I have a question. Is ms is must need to get fossil from excavation?


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This informations are very helpful. But I have a question. Is ms is must need to get fossil from excavation?
no. i im got exca 4k points and got fossils from exca. only u need 4k+ to not destroy thems.


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Thanks for the guide Necro