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A few things regarding upcoming content...

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May 18, 2018
Afternoon all, Thor here.

Ok, So, this is more of a general information thread, containing some good things, but also a major bad thing.

- Regarding the Sevii remake:

This unfortunately will have to be put on hold due to a number of factors but mainly because I initially overlooked a number of key factors.

Gen 7 Pokemon are simply broken, not in the sense that they don't work (as I am sure some of you have seen floating around various images of alolan form Pokemon from various Admin and other stuff), but how they appear and are accessed on a code level. They don't give seen/caught data when they are obtained. They also return Null statements when searching for their data via our scripting system, which is the main reason behind this retraction. The region will still be being remapped in the background.

Due to how PRO was initially envisioned, Gen 7 Pokemon were never part of the plan, which was why Mega forms were added to the Pokedex roster (many players have higher than 721 seen data, for example). Even simply adding Gen 7 Pokemon properly would break this, and every single NPC that uses Mega forms alongside it.

This isn't to say that this won't be remedied in the future, it will, just not right now, and I personally would rather everyone know this from the get go.

Sevii will therefore be re-opened as was, and gen 7 Pokemon will be posponed until such a time where we feel that things wouldn't break by adding them. Sevii remake will still come, just not until gen 7 Pokemon work.

Ok, now that I have the bad news out of the way. Here is some good news. Vulcan island will be receiving a small expanded area where you will have a small second quest to complete, as well as some extra Pokemon to hunt for. This will be ready in the next week or so.

Various other tweaks and improvements will be happening all around the PRO world also, so keep an eye out for those.

Finally let me just take the time to appologise for jumping the gun on the Sevii project. This was my fault and my fault alone. None of the other staff are to blame for this. All annoyances should be directed towards me.
Can you add the rest of the regions ?
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