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Silver Server Centuries (International) - Silver Server - Recruiting


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Oct 5, 2016
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Welcome To Centuries

Centuries is a new guild that is looking for a new player who want to be a part of pro and who want to be of us.We welcome all player to my new family

Family Advantage

Have Fun Together < > Road to be best together < > Want to build relationship more than just in game (family)

Centuries Pillars

Be Positive: Always has a positive attitude, follow all of PRO rules & ToS, respect your guild mates, be honest, loyal and all other positivity. Be the Best: Want to be active and keep trying to be better.

Guild Staff
Dofalmingo (Leader)
Araragikun (Officer)
Buggybite (Officer)
Yugibac (Officer)
Mackthesnakee (Officer)

Guild Requirement and Rules

1. Be positive and strive to be the best
2. You Need To Use Discord
3. Loyal to the guild, helpful to the members
4. Have a good sense of humor
5. Follow PRO ToS and Guild Rules
6. Everyone here must and just only has one guild in red server.
7. Joining age 16+
8. Please don't beg for Pokemon / Money / Items
9. +50 hrs play time
10. Have Fun

Application Form

1. Tell us about yourself!
2. What is your nickname in PRO?
3. How many hours of game play do you have (check your trainer card)?
4. How old are you? Where do you come from?
5. What is your ambition/ final objective in PRO?
6. Have you been in the guild before or maybe you in the guild right now? and tell us the reason that you left.
7. What is your favorite Pokemon?
8. Are you able to visit our Discord Group?
9. Are you able to follow PRO Rules and Guild Rules?​
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