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Name Change and Account Reset

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Former Staff
Former Staff
Oct 2, 2016
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Hello everyone, and wish you are having a delightful weekend!​
We will make renaming and resetting accounts possible for those who want it, but only if they meet certain requirements (listed below).​

The Renaming/Resetting topic is closed since Monday the 3rd of September 2018


Account renaming: Your account and Login data will change to a new username. Pokemon's OT, friend lists, guild memberships (if leader, the change might have to wait until a server reboot for it to update) and everywhere the former username is, will change to the new one.​


It will delete all the Pokemon on your account, variables, and items you may have. Friendlists will be kept and if you play on the account, you will find yourself at the Start Map.​


  • Minimum 150h
  • 300k Pokedollars payment
  • Registered more than 3 months ago
  • Clean infraction history (small PvP infractions may not count) - Includes ALL PRO scope chats
  • You may purchase this for a friend in case s/he hasn't done any infraction, and just 1 change per 6 months
  • Have to choose FREE NAMES (as in, not already taken) in case of a name change
Not open for further replies.