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Premium Hunter Guide


Sep 26, 2016
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Hello hunters! :Grin:

The purpose of this guide is to present the best hunters among pokémon, their movesets and what quilify them to be Hunters or Field Helpers, in order to help anyone when the matter is Field and Hunt.​


Hunters are the responsible for bring you joy with nice functions and will be at your side almost everytime. With them you can have high performance on hunting your desired poke and help on field tasks.



1 - False Swipe / Dig / Headbutt / Rock Smash
2 - False Swipe / Dig / Headbutt / Thief

Nature: Adamant or Impish.
Ability: Rock Head or Battle Armor.
Location (Cubone): Pokémon Tower 2F - 7F; Rock Tunnel (Kanto); Excavation Feral Site (Hoenn).

- Marowak is one of the Kanto's hunter that is kinda easy to obtain. It learns two of the four moves (Headbutt at lv 11, False Swipe at lv 27) and can learn Thief, also.
If using more than one field poke, or having the pick axe, is possible to change Rock Smash for Thief or even and attack move at your choice, like Double Edge, wich with Rock Head don't gives recoil damage.
- Nature can be Adamant, for swipe better strong pokes, or Impish, for endurance at hard to catch pokes. At lv 100, the atk for Adamant can reach 284, while def for Impish can reach 350 (considering 31 iv and 252 ev).
The abilities not helps that much on field and hunt but Battle Armor, wich avoid Marowak taking critical hits.
- The locations are for Kanto, since Marowak is destined for semi-new players. There is almost no other location to find cubones though.
- Marowak is good to hunt fire types, and others that dont hurt ground types. If it is strong enough, or the pokes are low level, there is no need to worry though.



1 - False Swipe / Spore / Dig / Cut
2 - False Swipe / Spore / Dig / Flash
3 - False Swipe / Spore / Dig / Giga Drain

Nature: Adamant or Impish.
Ability: Dry Skin or Damp.
Location (Paras): Mt. Moon 1F, B1F, B2F; Kanto's Safari Areas 1, 2, 3 (Kanto).

- Parasect is an awesome hunter, but it doens't learns False Swipe by level. The only move it learns by leveling, is Spore at lv 22 (Paras). Spore is the best sleep move despite not affecting grass types, since its accuracy is 100%.
- Also, Sleep status gives the highest bonus on capture (x2), better than Parlyz (x1.5) and easy to affect than Frozen (also x2).
- Dig makes it a great company, even more with Cut and Flash, wich can be alternated if you don't have or don't want another pokemon with it, since HMs are of endless usage.
- You can even think of letting Giga Drain for recover at long hunts, wich it learns at lv 38 (Paras).
- Nature is similar to Marowak. As Adamant, the atk can reach 262, and as Impish, the def can reach 229. Its not like that defensive, but with spore, things become easier if u hunting some high level or has some weather issues.
Don't try to hunt Vulpix h.a with a Parasect Dry Skin or you will see a lv 90 something Paras losing to a lv 16 vulpix :Crazy:
- So, for the ability, the worse is Effect Spore, wich can poison your hunt. Dry Skin works beatifuly with water types, and if u are persistent enough, u can find a Damp one.
Damp makes the poke invulnerable to explosions moves, so if a wild poke only uses this or has the chance to use, Damp is the ability for you.
- They are very common at Mt. Moon right at the beggining of story and at Kanto's Safary by night (best time to hunt rare ones too).
- They are good to hunt almost everything, but fire strong pokes, or some bird too. Grass pokes aren't affected by Spore, by the way.
so if the catch rate of a grass poke is to low, u can think using Hypnosis or even Stun with other hunter.



1 -False Swipe / Spore / Headbut / Flash
2 - False Swipe / Spore / Headbutt / Cut
3 - False Swipe / Spore / Headbutt / Giga Drain
4 - False Swipe / Spore / Headbutt / Rock Smash

Nature: Adamant, Jolly or Impish.
Ability: Poison Heal or Technician.
Location: Petalburg Woods; Excavation Natural Site (Hoenn).

- Breloom is another versatile hunter. It learns Headbutt at lv 15 and Spore at lv 45 (Shroomish). The other moves you can choose is alternate between Cut / Flash and or have Rock Smash (with Pick and or Axe, is possible to let Giga Drain instead with the same purpouses as Parasect). False Swipe need to be taught, though.
- For Adamant, Breloom can reach 394 atk, Jolly 262 spd and as Impish, 284 def.
- Like Parasect, Effect Spore is bad for hunting. So Poison Heal is the least you can choose. Technician doesn't is a must, but can power up False Swipe power to 1.5x.
- Shroomishs are more difficult to obtain in the early game, since it's available only at Hoenn or in events like Summer's.
- They are good as Parasect, with more power though, and serves as a complement with a digger one.
- Brelooms can hunt almost anything too, but take care of fire and flying types.
- ATENTION: Make sure you have taught Spore BEFORE evoluing Shroomish, or else, it won't learn Spore as Breloom. This is very important!



1 -False Swipe / Dig / Cut / Flash
2 - False Swipe / Dig / Cut / Thief
3 - False Swipe / Dig / Thief / Heal Block

Nature: Adamant or Jolly.
Ability: Wonder Guard (only).
Location: Evolve Nincada with an empty slot on party. Nincadas can be found at Route 116 and Excavation Natural Site (Hoenn).

- Shedinjas are advanced hunters. They are best for hunt pokemons that uses Normal moves with recoil damages, like Beldum at excavation, since they are Ghost type and don't get hit by it.
They only learn by lv Heal Block move of the movesets above, wich can prevent a poke of using an ability to heal itself and ruin the 1 hp state.
- You can choose between Cut / Flash and Thief or Heal Block, keeping Dig unless you have another one with it.
- Adamant or Jolly are good natures already. With Ada, Shedinja can reach 306 atk, and a Jolly one can reach 196 spd.
- Wonder Guard is the only ability of Shedinja, it makes only super effective moves to hit it. The 1 HP is not implemented yet.
- Shedinjas are good to hunt anything that is not super effective againt it (when Wonder Guard is implemented), plus can block heal moves, prevent recoilers to suicide and snag some itens.



1 - False Swipe / Dig / Cut / Rock Smash
2 - False Swipe / Dig / Cut / Surf

Nature: Adamant or Jolly.
Ability: Any, or Unnerve.
Location: Granite Cave B1F at night (MS only).

- Despite Axew being a rare poke only found with MS as far as I know, it has good field moves and can be considered as a fancy hunter hehe.
- It learns False at lv 24. The rest is learnable by HM/TM/Tutors as well.
- For Adamant, the atk reachs 432 atk (talk about power here xD). For Jolly ones, the spd can reach 322.
- Any ability is fine, since its not interfere with hunt. Perhaps Unnerve can help the prey to not use some berry it may be holding.

Magnet Hunters

Magnet Hunters have an especific detail: since they are Steel, they can help hunt Magnet Pull poke, like Nosepass and Magnemite. After using a synch, you can switch to a M.Hunter and try to switch again. If it stucks, then the hunt has Magnet Pull ability. Nonetheless, they can serve as fielders and good hunters as well.


--trade w/ Metal Coat-->

1 - False Swipe / Cut / Rock Smash / Roost
2 - False Swipe / Cut / Rock Smash / Thief
2 - False Swipe / Cut / Thief / Strength

Nature: Adamant, Jolly, Impish.
Ability: None of hunt importance, maybe Technician to rise False Swipe's power.
Location: Kanto's Safari Area 1 (best at night - there is no doduos and common nidos to mess the %); Headbutt at Unknown Place (Trainers Valley) and Route 15 at morning.

- Scizor can be obtained by trading Scythers holding Metal Coat.
- It learns False Swipe at lv 13 (Scyther). The other moves are learned by TM/HM.
- Roost can serve as Giga Drain to others and recover HP easily.
- It can learn Thief to serve as item hunter as well.
- It can also learn Strenght, but not implemented or useful on PRO yet.
- Nature are fine with that mentioned. As adamant, Scizor can reach 394 atk. As jolly, 251 spd. And as Impish, 328 def. Your choice.
- Technician is the only less useless for hunt matters. So if u get one, nice. xD
- Scizors are good and resistant hunters. You can use it to hunt most pokes and the ones with not so high catch rate, since you won't be needing to use sleep to have success. Careful with fire types though.



1 - False Swipe / Headbutt / Cut / Rock Smash
2 - False Swipe / Headbutt / Cut / Giga Drain

Ability: Shell Armor of Overcoat.
Nature: Adamant, Impish or Careful.
Location: ?

- Like Scizors, they have same magnet detail. Learns Headbutt at lv 20 and False Swipe at lv 25.
- Can help at field with Hb, Cut and Rock Smash. Giga Drain can be learned for healing purposes.
- Shell Armor can avoid critical hits. Overcoat protects from weather effects and powder moves (Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, etc).
- Since Escavalier speed is low, you can think of Adamant or Impish for hunter. As Ada, reachs 405 atk, as Impish, 339 def, and as Careful, 339 sp. def. You can consider having defensive and sp. defensive hunters as well.
- Don't know its location yet, nor how it evolves. You can help me =)


Fielders or Slaves to others, are pokes that serves as field abilities. They can learn a lot of field moves and are not made to fight at first.



1 - Headbutt / Covet / Cut / Rock Smash
2 - Headbutt / Dig / Cut / Rock Smash
3 - Headbutt / Dig / Surf / Thief
4 - Headbutt / Dig / Cut / Rock Climb
5 - Headbutt / Dig / Surf / Rock Climb

Nature: Any in this case, since this Field poke is not for battles.
Ability: Pickup
Location: Route 30 and basically many grass parts of Hoenn (Zig); Route 31 and almost the same as Zigzagoon at Hoenn.

- Linoone can learn a lot of different field abilities. Above there are some examples. You can alternate between Covet and Thief, because the similar effect. Headbutt is learned at lv 11, Covet at lv 23 (Zig). The other are learned by TM.
- Rock Climb is it premium move, since it's an Egg Move, but useful to get some stuff in game.
- There is also Switcheroo, for iten hunt. Don't know if it's working though. But with Covet / Thief, don't see as necessary.
- Pickup, if its working, can raises the chance of getting itens after battle (10%)

Slowking / Slowbro

<--trade w/ King's Crown--

1 - Headbutt / Dig / Surf / Flash
2 - Headbutt / Dig / Surf / Block
3 - Headbutt / Dig / Block / Thunder Wave
4 - Headbutt / Dig / Block / Yawn
5 - Strength / Surf / Whirlpool / Dive

Nature: Careful or Impish if used to support hunt. Otherwise, any.
Ability: Own Tempo, Regenerator.
Location: Celadon City, Fuschia City, Kanto's Safari Areas 1, 2 and 3, Route 4, 6 (Kanto), Slowpoke Well (Johto); and many more locations.

- Slowpokes are easy to find and are very good fielders. If you want a fancy look and a sp. defense fielder, choose Slowking. If u want a regular and defensive evo, choose Slowbro.
- It learns Headbutt at lv 23. Need to confirm how it learns Yawn.
- Block serves as an arena trap ability. It is an egg move though. For hunt support if you intend to use on some rare fleding poke (don't know if it has any on PRO).
- Thunder Wave can be used for hunt support too.
- Whirlpool and Strength aren't field on PRO so far. Dive may be learnable too (need to confirm).


Soakers are needed to hunt ghost types, in order to make False Swipe hits.
Soak move transforms the foe into a Water type. In this case, the Ghost will turn into Water and can be hit by False Swipe.
Here are some examples:

Nature: Any, since soakers only need to use soak and then be switched.
Ability: Any.


Lv 36 ->
Lv 38

Location: Viridian City, Vermilion City, Kanto's Safari Areas 1, 2, 3; Seafoam Islands (Kanto) and many other places by surfing, fishing or walking (Psyduck); Route 6, Seafoam (Golduck) and other places as well.


Lv 40 ->
Lv 46

Location: Cerulean City, Celadon City and many many locations by surfing or fishing in all regions. The best place: Mt. Mortar middle entrance, surfing for both. But until you get there, you already have caught one of them problaby.


Lv 54 ->
Lv 66

Location: Many surf routes of Hoenn (124, 125, 127, 128, 130...)


Synchers are a must on real hunting, since the ability Synchronize has a 50% chance of the hunted poke being the same nature as the syncher user. This works at the beginning of an encounter, so the syncher is imediately switched for a Hunter (not Haunter lol).
]They only work if: they are 1st on battle and are alive n_n
Preferably, it is good to make a Syncher Bank as soon as possible since they help quite a lot. Here are some examples of synchers:

Ability: Synchronize =)
Nature: All 20 colored ones: Lonely, Brave, Adamant, Naughty, Bold, Relaxed, Impish, Lax, Timid, Hasty, Jolly, Naive, Modest, Mild, Quiet, Rash, Calm, Gentle, Sassy, Careful.
Not useful: Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, Quirky -> White Natures.



Xatus are the main synchers and the most common to find. Is not that hard to find the 20 different ones, and you can always ask a friend to borrow a couple to hunt the same =D
Location: Headbutt (Pewter City, Route 31), Route 28 [glow=black]at night[/glow](THE BEST)
- Route 28 has ~ lv 40 Natus. At night only them, tangelas and a few sneasels and donphans. Natus can lv up with tangelas on Mt. Silver Exterior, near Poke Center, at night too. Is very helpful to level they a bit, like at least lv 80, so they can resist strong pokes you'll eventually need to run.
- Look for Smoke Balls too, since you'll need to run a lot on some hunt sessions =). Smoke Balls can be find by stealing from Koffings at Cinabar Mansion. Other places, please tell me.


Alakazans have synch ability as well. But, they are more difficult to get than natus. So a more timed player would want to make a complete bank of it late in the game, more for coolness than for any utility. Maybe they can resist more than Xatus, though. And if one day mega stones are available, you can hunt with a Mega Alakazam Syncher lool
- Abra: Route 5, 6, 7, 8 (Kanto), Route 24, 34, 35 (Johto), Granite Cave and Route 116 (Hoenn).
- Kadabra: Cerulean Cave (Advanced Hunt xD)



Talk about one of the fancier synch bank ever! xD
Ralts are very rare compared with the fellows above. Find them could be hard and pointless for synch bank. But if you are a maniac, maybe you will want to have them as a bank one day lol.
Location: Route 102, Love Island M/D only (Ralts).

Item Hunters


*more to come*

More info will be included later. You can help me complete it too :y:
Nice hunt everyone :CharYay:


aka Letrix
Mar 27, 2016
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Lake of Rage
Nice guide! :y:
Another common catcher's Pokemon in PRO is Haxorus. Usually running Surf, Cut, Rock smash/ Dig and False swipe.


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Dec 3, 2015
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Great guide!Thanks for some infos that i didnt knew! :y:


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Jul 30, 2016
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Beautiful, well organized guide! Although it is implied, you may want to include exactly what the Soak ability does, for clarity. Keep it up :y:


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Former Staff
Aug 31, 2016
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Nice guide! Thanks for making it. :)


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Dec 8, 2015
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Orlumbus said:
[post]287918[/post] Hello hunters! :Grin:





1 - [glow=gray]Headbutt[/glow] / [glow=gray]Covet[/glow] / [glow=gray]Cut[/glow] / [glow=#ad342e]Rock Smash[/glow]
2 - [glow=gray]Headbutt[/glow] / [glow=#9f8056]Dig[/glow] / [glow=gray]Cut[/glow] / [glow=#ad342e]Rock Smash[/glow]
3 - [glow=gray]Headbutt[/glow] / [glow=#9f8056]Dig[/glow] / [glow=blue]Surf[/glow] / [glow=black]Thief[/glow]
4 - [glow=gray]Headbutt[/glow] / [glow=#9f8056]Dig[/glow] / [glow=gray]Cut[/glow] / [glow=gray]Rock Climb[/glow]
5 - [glow=gray]Headbutt[/glow] / [glow=#9f8056]Dig[/glow] / [glow=blue]Surf[/glow] / [glow=gray]Rock Climb[/glow]


- Fielders or Slaves to others, are pokes that serves as field abilities. Linoone can learn a lot of different field abilities. Above there are some examples. You can alternate between Covet and Thief, because the similar effect. Headbutt is learned at lv 11, Covet at lv 23 (Zig). The other are learned by TM.


First of all, nice!
If this was available earlier, I wouldn't have spend like 3 hours to look for the best slaves by looking through the whole lists of pokés learning the HM/useful moves and writing down those who showed up multiple times xD

And it's well presented!

Also, by experience, Slowking (Slowbro too but Slowking is fancier :Grin: ) is a very useful slave as well :

- Can learn : [glow=#00BFFF]Surf[/glow], [glow=#FFFFFF]Flash[/glow], [glow=#BF4000]Rock Smash[/glow], [glow=#00BFFF]Dive[/glow], [glow=#FFFFFF]Headbutt[/glow], [glow=#BF8040]Dig[/glow], [glow=#FFFFFF]Yawn[/glow] (definitely not the best sleep inducer move, but at least it can put Grass-type pokés to sleep xD), [glow=#FFFF00]Thunderwave[/glow] (sleep is better but it's an option for Insomnia pokés), [glow=#FFFFFF]Strength[/glow] & [glow=#00BFFF]Whirlpool[/glow] (not implemented, but if ever it is, it can)

- [glow=#FFBFFF]Regenerator + good defensive stats[/glow], useful if you ever need to stall a wild poké

Thanks and keep it up :)


Sep 26, 2016
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Minor things changed, soak description added, and some Synchers n_n
I'll see about Haxorus too and about newer posts soon.
Thank u all!


Jul 1, 2016
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Orlumbus said:

Synchers are a must on real hunting, since the ability Synchronize has a 50% chance of the hunted poke being the same nature as the syncher user. This works at the beginning of an encounter, so the syncher is imediately switched for a Hunter (not Haunter lol).
Preferably, it is good to make a Syncher Bank as soon as possible since they help quite a lot. Here are some examples of synchers:

Hey there buddy, great guide! I pinned it on my guild Discord to help the members.

You should add the requirements for the synchronize ability to work :

- Syncher must be 1st in team order.
- Syncher must be alive.