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Staff Guides Sevii islands guide


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Nov 28, 2017
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Sevii islands guide
For this guide I will first go through the quest to unlock all the islands then I'll go through each island individually to show what you can do on each island. When travelling to the Sevii islands please be aware that when you first get to an island you will not be able to leave the island until you have completed the quest to unlock the next island. You also cannot go to any island right away. At first you can only go to island 1 and once the quest on that island is complete you'll unlock island 2, do the quest on island 2 to unlock island 3 and so forth.

There are some high level trainers on the various islands but you should be able to manage them seeing as you will have needed to beat the Kanto E4 to be able to go to the islands.

  1. Requirements
  2. How to get to Sevii islands
  3. Island 1
  4. Island 2
  5. Island 3
  6. Island 4
  7. Island 5
  8. Island 6
  9. Island 7
  10. Island 1 extra
  11. Island 2 extra
  12. Island 3 extra
  13. Island 4 extra
  14. Island 5 extra
  15. Island 6 extra
  16. Island 7 extra


To access the Sevii islands you must:
  • Have membership active.
  • Be Kanto champion.
  • A full team of level 70+ pokemon - this is not a requirement but it is recommended.

How to get to Sevii islands

To access Sevii islands you need to speak to the Sevii Island Transport NPC at Vermilion dock. When you speak to him he will ask you which island you would like to visit. If you select an island you have not unlocked he will tell you that that island is not available yet.

Island 1

When you arrive at island 1 you will appear at the dock, once you leave the dock you will not be able to re-enter it until you've completed the islands quest. The quest for this island is to find everyones favourite rival and beat him in a battle.

Island 1 and what'll happen if you try to leave.

To begin the quest you need to go to the right hand side of the island and surf north to the bit of land there, continue north to the next area.

In the next area you want to keep going north, there are a few paths branching off but ignore them and keeping going north until you reach the water. The cave to the right is Ember spa and you can heal your pokemon in there for 2k, heal if you need to but the path you want to take is to surf north.

There are some trainers in the water but nothing that should pose any risk, keep going north until you reach the bit of land with stairs heading up. Go up the stairs to the next area.

You will appear at mt. ember, you want to take the path to the left.

Follow the path and you'll appear at the steps on the left hand side. If you have rock smash you'll have a quicker route to Jackson but even without rock smash he is easy to reach.

Speak to Jackson to initiate the battle.

Jackson's team:

Nidoking level 55, Umbreon level 57, Beedrill level 60, Gengar level 61

Once you have beaten Jackson you'll get a message saying the guards have gone. You'll now be able to leave the island and go to island 2.
Island 2

Island 2 is a lot more simple than the first island. On this island you need to defeat the Joey brothers in order to progress. The Joey brothers are below the town and to the right of the stairs. The first 3 Joey brothers have a mixture of Rattata and Raticate all leveled between 50-60 while the final Joey has a level 70 Rattata. Once you've beaten them do not forget to pick up the 50 pokeballs before continuing on.
Island 3

This island is another small quest. This island is being plagued by a group of thugs called the Poison-Cloud gang.
You need to travel north to go and confront their leader.

The gang leaders team:

Skarmory level 60, Weezing level 64, Gyarados level 65

Once you have defeated him the gang will leave the island and you'll be able to travel to island 4.
Island 4

When you get to the island you need to go to the pokecenter. There you will see the Poison-Cloud gang leader, speak to him and he will rob you and run off.
Leave the pokecenter and find the gang leader. Go to the top left house and you'll see him hiding a little behind it.

The gang leader's team is the same as the last island, just slightly leveled up:

Skarmory level 64, Weezing level 65, Gyarados level 66

Once you've beaten him he'll return what he stole off you and you can proceed to island 5.
Island 5

This island's quest is the longest one you will have to complete and it is very easy to get lost while doing this quest. The first thing you want to do is visit the pokecenter, you will be using an escape rope at one point in this quest and you want to make sure it's this pokecenter you return to.

Once you done that head to the right of the pokecenter and speak to the rocket grunt standing in the doorway of the building, she will tell you that you need to beat her 5 friends before she'll let you into the building.

She has five friends you need to beat. the first two are just above her and while there are two there you will only battle once and it will only count as one of the friends.

They were the easy two to find, now we've got to go and hunt for the other four, you want to go to the top right of the island map and surf up the route in that direction.

Go up there to Chrono cross route. The route will start like this and there will be a nugget where my character is standing.

Travel west and there will be a path that branches off to the left of the route and we want to go that way first.

This route is a little like a maze, the picture shows the full route and you need to get to the island at the left hand side, do not forget to pick up the rare candy off the island near the middle.

The third rocket grunt will be on the left hand island. Battle him and once you've beaten him talk to Mr. Kakek, he will tell you to speak to his friend, travel around the island and speak to his friend for a reward.

Once you've done that head back to the Chrono Cross route and head north to this point.

Continue north and you'll come to the Resort Gorgeous area, there is a rocket on the island on this route.

Once beaten get back onto the water and surf to the right.

This next area is Lost Cave and there is a man (Hiker John) outside the cave that sells escape ropes, make sure you have at least one before going in and if not buy one off him.

The final two rocket grunts are lost inside this cave and we'll need to find them. Enter the cave and go down the ladder to room 1.

Take the right doorway to room 2. The first of the two rocket grunts is in this room.

Take the top doorway to go to room 3.

Take the bottom doorway to go to room 4.

Take the bottom doorway to get to room 5.

Take the right doorway to go to room 6. This is the room with the final rocket grunt. Battle and beat him then use the escape rope to go back to the pokecenter. There is more to do in the cave and you do not have to leave but this is all you need to do to progress with the quest, for the rest of what you can do in the cave please refer to the Lost Cave part of the guide.

Leave the pokecenter and go speak to the rocket grunt blocking the doorway, she'll see that you've beaten her friends and will run away allowing you to enter the building.

Inside the building you'll see a bunch of coloured move tiles like in other rocket buildings as well as two people inside: Cue Ball Charlie and Jackson. We shall battle Cue Ball Charlie first, work your way though the tiles until you reach him.

Cue Ball Charlie's team:

Skarmory level 70, Weezing level 71, Weepinbell level 72, Gyarados level 73

Once you've battled him it is time to move onto Jackson.

Jackson's team:

Nidoking level 72, Umbreon level 73, Beedrill level 76, Gengar level 76, Skarmory level 75

Once you've beaten Jackson island 6 will be unlocked and you can travel there.
Island 6

When you get to this island you need to travel north and speak to Lady Joanne, she will tell you that her Meowth has run off and asks you to find it for her. Once you spoken to her head right into the next area.

You'll enter the Water Path route and if you move forward towards the grass you will see Meowth running around. Interact with it and it will tell you that Meowth has run off towards the north. That is the direction you need to head so you need to get into the water and begin surfing north.

Meowth will be just to the left of where you reach the next bit of land, interact with it and it'll tell you that it ran off to the west.

You need to travel north and then west, look for a hole in the ground as it is down that hole you must go. Once you go down the hole you'll appear in the Green Path Cave entrance area. Go towards the ladder and head down. The cave is pretty straight forward and linear, follow it until you reach the exit.

Once you've exited the cave head south and go across the bridge and you'll se meowth again. Interact with it this time and it'll say it ran off to the west so your next step is to surf west.

You'll come across a small island. As with the previous steps you need to interact with the meowth and like the previous steps it will run off, this time to the north. Before following it do not forget to pick up the abadoned pokemon.

You'll appear in a new area called outcast island, you need to surf north from the entrance.

You'll approach the island and go around the west side and you should see Meowth running about on the beach. Interact with it and it'll say that Meowth has run south.

Travel back all the way to where you first saw Meowth and then head south from there. There will be a small rocky path with some dig spots and beyond that you will see meowth being held hostage by three men, time to save the poor pokemon.

It's those Poison Cloud Gang thugs again, this time their team consists of:

Charizard level 60, Typhlosion level 60, Magnezone level 60, Infernape level 60

Once they are defeated you need to speak to Meowth and this time it will not run off and you'll finally get it. Take it back to Lady Joanne and she'll reward you with an expert belt and you'll have unlocked the final island. You can now travel to any of the islands and while all 7 of the islands are unlocked there is still one more quest to do on the 7th island.
Island 7

Here it is, the final island. The quest on this island is short compared to the other islands but please be aware you will be facing a level 120 pokemon as a part of this quest so come prepared. When you enter the island there is a wooden path to the left of where you enter from and just below the house in the picture, that is the route you want to take.

Go down and you'll be stopped by Scientist Richard who says a pokemon is rampaging in a cave and need your help. He'll disappear to the entrance of the cave and you'll need to meet him there, continue going south.

Speak to Scientist Richard and he'll say a sandstorm is raging in there and he cannot let you in without an artifact from the local ruins that can calm the sandstorm. Leave him and continue south towards the next area.

The next area is a bunch of islands each with a small cave on, the one you want is directly south of the entrance, it's not the first island in the first picture but the one below it in the second picture.

Go into the ruin and pick up the artifact, once that is done head back to Scientist Richard and he'll see you have the artifact and will let you into the cave.

Once inside you'll see the pokemon, it is a level 120 Tyranitar and you will need to battle it. Once you win you'll get a smooth rock and you will need to go outside and speak to Scientist Richard again, that will be the end of the quest.

You have now completed the quest. You can now freely travel between all 7 islands. While the main quests are done there is still more that can be done in the sevii islands and we shall look at them below.
Island 1 extra

On island 1 you have Mt. Ember. We saw some of Mt. Ember in the quest to unlock the islands but there is more to do here. There is a mini boss in Imposter Professor Oak to battle as well as the mountain being the only place to catch a Magby in the wild before Sinnoh.
We'll start off where we beat Jackson, to see how to get there please read the Island 1 part of the guide.

Go into the cave behind where Jackson was standing.

The first cave is a small room with just one trainer to battle and nothing else exciting.

The second room is a bit longer and has 3 trainers to battle, this is also the room in which you can catch a Magby.

The third and final room in the cave hold one npc, choose the second option and he will move out of the way for you.

Once leaving the cave you will appear back on the outside of Mt. Ember, here there are several imposter Professor Oak's aides to battle. Go up the stairs towards the imposter.

At the bottom of the stairs that lead to the imposter you will see a nurse Joy, she will heal your pokemon for free but will only do it once. As there are no more battles between her and the imposter you may as well heal up and go to face him. There is also a fire stone to the right of nurse Joy but you will need rock smash to be able to reach it.

Go up the steps when you are ready to begin the battle and interact with imposter Professor Oak.

Imposter Professor Oak's team consists of:

Tauros level 66, Exeggutor level 67, Arcanine level 68, Charizard level 69, Gyarados level 70
Island 2 extra

There isn't a lot to do on this island. One of the venders sells Lava cookies and Moomoo milk and there is a small area called Cape Brink with no pokemon that you haven't encountered before but the gloom can be found holding a sun stone at night but seeing as you can get it all day on the next island it isn't that great or useful.
Island 3 extra

Unlike the previous island this one has a few things to offer players. The first is in the town itself. There is an npc in the top right of the town who will ask you three questions before you can get passed him into the grassy area behind. Note that there isn't actually any pokemon you can catch in that grassy area. Questions and answers:
Q1. What is your name?
A. Your name.
Q2. What is your quest?
A. To get passed you.
Q3. What is pokemon #227?
A. Skarmory.

To the west of the town is Bond Bridge, this area leads to Berry Forest. Each of these has something useful to players. Bond Bridge is the only place to catch a Glameow before Sinnoh. While Berry Forest is the best place to find sun stones in the game. A lot of pokemon hold them and it is the only place other than the illusive Mirage island where you can find sun stones all day.

In Berry Forest the pokemon that hold sun stones are:
Night only: Oddish, Gloom & Hypno.
Morning & night: Drowzee
All day: Exeggcute & Weepinbell.

You can also find a mini boss in Erika in the forest (please note that this isn't the Erika Boss, she can be found in Viridian Maze). Her team consists of:

Roserade level 60, Ludicolo level 65, Carnivine level 65, Vileplume level 67, Leafeon level 70

The last place of interest on this island is right by the dock. There is a small cave by the entrance to the town, go through the cave and on the other side is a small patch of grass where the only encounter is Dunsparce.
Island 4 extra

There is only really two areas of interest on this island. The first is the island daycare and the second is Icefall cave. The island day care is located in the town and is the building my character is standing in front of in the first picture. This day care differs from the others in the game in that you cannot learn egg moves here, it is only the pokemon doctor quest you can do in this day care.

Icefall cave is located on the right side of the town and you will need surf or a surf mount to reach it. There's not much here, two items you can claim and some pokemon but there are no pokemon that you cannot find in the other ice caves. The only thing that really stands out is that you can repel trick Lapras at level 35 in Icefall Back Cave.
Island 5 extras

There are two areas on this island where you can do things outside of the island unlock quest. There is Memorial Pillar and Lost Cave. Memorial Pillar is the the south east of the main island. you go to where you battled the first rocket grunt and go down the meadow.

Surf south into the Memorial Pillar map. At the southern end of the map is the tect-onix memorial. If you have a lemonade in your inventory while talking to the npc next to the memorial he will mention that it was his Onix's favourite drink and asks if he can have it to place on the memorial. If you give it to him he will reward you with a metal coat.

The other area is the Lost Cave, you had to look for two rocket grunts in here as part of the main quest to unlock the next island, to see how to get there please refer to that part of the guide. The cave has an entrance and 14 rooms. Several of the rooms have trainers, one has a nurse Joy who will heal your pokemon for free, four have items and one has an abadoned pokemon.

Most rooms have 4 doors, some will lead nowhere, some will lead back and some will lead forward. Use the room guide below to find your way.
1F1 - down leads to 1F1, up 1F1, left 1F1, right 1F2
1F2 - down leads to 1F10, up 1F3, left 1F1, right 1F1
1F3 - down leads to 1F4, up 1F1, left 1F1, right 1F1
1F4 - down leads to 1F5, up 1F13, left 1F4, right 1F4
1F5 - down leads to 1F4, up 1F4, left 1F4, right 1F6
1F6 - down leads to 1F4, up 1F4, left 1F7, right 1F11
1F7 - down leads to 1F8, up 1F7, left 1F7, right 1F7
1F8 - down leads to 1F7, up 1F7, left 1F12, right 1F9
1F9 - down leads to 1F7, up 1F14, left 1F7, right 1F7
1F10 - up leads to 1F1
1F11 - left leads to 1F4
1F12 - right leads to 1F7
1F13 - down leads to 1F4
1F14 - down leads to 1F1

Island 6 extra

This island has a few extras. There is a unique pokemon spawn, some new digs spots and a small bug catching area (not to be confused with the daily bug catching area by national park in Johto).

In the Water Path map, just east of the island's town, you can catch a Flabebe, this is the only place you can catch one in the wild in pro.

Also in the Water Path map are some dig spots, they are to the south of the entrance to the map (where you rescued the Meowth from the gang members).

North of Green Path is Pattern Bush which is an area with just bug spawns.
Island 7 extras

This island doesn't have much beyond the quest mentioned earlier in the guide. To the North of the town is the trainer tower but it is not open so nothing really to do there.

On the Sevault canyon map you can catch a Larvitar during the morning and day.

In the cave where you battled the tyranitar there are several dig spots.

And finally in the Tanoby Ruins area, the ruin on the far right holds an abadoned Happiny.
That is it for the Sevii island guide. If you know of something that I may have missed then please feel free to reply to the thread and I will edit the guide to include it.
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In Island 5, the Lost Cave 1F6, after beat the rocket grunt, you can go to the right door to find 4 Revive


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On island 5 you need to go top LEFT and surf not top RIGHT after you beat the first friend


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Island 6, in Outcast Island there's a cave where you can trade a Dragonite for Goodra


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At five island, next to cue ball charlie, in the bin there is a leftovers ;)


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in island 5, lost island 1f4, go up and u enter the lost island 1f13, there is a sea insence