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[Shop] Rent a discord bot (Added 24 hours testphase)


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Feb 5, 2017
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Hello fellow PRO and discord enthusiasts! As you might already know, Reborn made a discord bot. This bot used to be a Reborn exclusive bot, but many guilds/discords asked for it, so we decided to let other guilds rent the bot (and some other features). The bot has many features and I hope, that you guys have as much fun as we have with it. You can always ask for new features! We think about it and might add it. This bot is multi-server!

If you do not have enough money to rent the bot for your discord or your discord do not want it, you are free to use our Single-use. You can join our Reborn Discord Bot discord server and get your own channel there to use the commands. This costs 50k monthly. You can also Trial-use the bot for 3 days.

[glow=green]Basic commands[/glow]

^blacklist command channel

^channel #channel-name

^disable command

^enable command channel

Pokemon Revolution Online
^boss name

^dex pokemon
^pokedex pokemon

^evspots region

^hp picture-URL
^hp drag and drop picture

^info item/move/ability

^item itemname

^ivs picture-URL

^memberlist guildname


^poketime server
^t server

^remindtime server

^server red/blue/yellow/none

^smogon pokemon
^smogon pokemon generation

^spawns pokemon
^spawns mapname

^timeladder server

^up server

^guildladder server


^ladder server




^addtrans user language

^deltrans user

^remindme time note
^remindme list
^remindme delete
(Different lists for discords and PM with bot)

[glow=green]Shop management[/glow]
^shopadd user/pokemon/price/picture-url
^pokeadd user/pokemon/price/picture-url

^shopdel user
^pokedel user

^shoptrade picture-url
^tradeadd picture-url




^team user



You can also import many teams at once on the website!

You can choose between different themes!

Statistics from opponents


(っ◔◡◔)っ ☆ RUKittenMe? ☆ (Non-limited sub)
BrazilArmy (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Celestial (Subscribe ends 12.08.2018)
ChampionZ (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Chronos (Subscribe ends 01.03.2018)
Claymore (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Cocktail Bar (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
DarkRising (Subscribe ends 01.05.2018)
Demon Knights (Subscribe ends 01.05.2018)
FenixReborn (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
French Squad (Subscribe ends 04.04.2018)
FrenchConnexion (Subscribe ends 01.08.2018)
GameCore (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Illuminati (Subscribe ends 01.01.2018)
InfernoBlaze (Subscribe ends 01.03.2018)
LatinArmy (Subscribe ends 01.03.2018)
Legacy (Subscribe ends 01.08.2018)
Legends (Subscribe ends 01.08.2018)
Limbo (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Miracles (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Nemesis (Subscribe ends 01.05.2018)
Neosphere (Subscribe ends 01.05.2018)
NoMercy (Non-limited sub)
Nymphia (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Origin (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
PandaS (Subscribe ends 01.08.2018)
Pax Aeterna (Subscribe ends 01.02.2019)
Pokemon Revolution KR (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Polish Order (Subscribe ends 01.10.2018)
PRO - PT/BR (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Spyduck (Subscribe ends 01.03.2018)
Striders (Non-limited sub)
Team Magma (Yellow Server) (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Team Magmar (Red Server) (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Team Plasma (Subscribe ends 01.09.2018)
TeamBuilder (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
The Squirtle Squad (Squirtles) (Subscribe ends 01.12.2017)
TheNabs (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Tranquility (Subscribe ends 01.03.2018)
Uzumaki (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)
Volcanion (Subscribe ends 01.02.2018)

Walrosskastanie | Cames
Discord tags: Walrosskastanie#5832 | Cames#0734
Join our discord, if you have questions, feature suggestions or need support!
Everyone can join the discord, even if you didn't/don't rent the bot.

We, guild/discord name, want to rent the bot!
We want to rent following features:
● Basic commands
● Shop management
● Opponents-info
● 2play
● 2play 2
● 3play
● Single-use
We are willing to pay X monthly for it!
The subscription can be canceled from both sides. If we deicde to cancel the subscription, we will calculate the money for the missing time and pay you out. The bot might also go down sometimes, so we can add new features, but we guarantee, that the bot will be online more than 95 % of the time! We always receive constructive criticism happily, but don't be destructive!

Rent posts only. Off-topics here please.​

Update log
22.06.2017 - Added ^memberlist guild command
22.06.2017 - Added ^guild add username guildname command
22.06.2017 - Bugfix: poketime/remindtime bug
24.06.2017 - Added ^hp picture-URL command
24.06.2017 - Added ^remindme time note command
24.06.2017 - Added ^item itemname command
24.06.2017 - Added moderation commands
04.07.2017 - Worked on ^hp command (jpg works now)
04.07.2017 - Worked on ^addtrans command
15.07.2017 - Added ^move command to find out, where you can get a selected move
15.07.2017 - Added ^ivs command to calculate total IVs
15.07.2017 - Worked on ^hp command (blurry and many phone pictures work now)
03.08.2017 - Added ^boss command
04.08.2017 - Added ^info item/ability command (descriptions for items and abilities)
10.08.2017 - Added levels to headbutt pokemon (^spawn command)
25.08.2017 - Added ^mostused and ^mostpaired commands (pvp statistics)
25.08.2017 - Fixed unauthorized error message
29.08.2017 - Fixed ^up command
03.09.2017 - Added ^guildseasons command (To see old guild ladders)
03.09.2017 - ^spawns command autocompletes the map or pokemon names now!
08.09.2017 - Added add team (opponents-info)
08.09.2017 - Fixed visual bug (opponents-info)
08.09.2017 - Updated itemlist and spawns
13.09.2017 - Reworked ^boss command
14.09.2017 - Added ^invites command to get the invite links to PRO and Reborn Bot Discord
14.09.2017 - Added ^pvp command to get your opponents-info site, if you have one
20.09.2017 - Reworked ^smogon command and added all generations
26.09.2017 - Added ^dex/^pokedex command
02.10.2017 - Added PRO Notes to ^info command (You can see banned moves and clauses for moves/abilties)
11.10.2017 - Added ^mostadded and ^pvplog (audit log) commands for opponents-info
16.10.2017 - Added import teams for mass import on website for opponents-info
17.10.2017 - Reworked ^clear command
23.10.2017 - Added excavations to ^spawns
24.10.2017 - Added boss rewards to ^spawns
24.10.2017 - Added ^hidemove picture and ^hideall picture
03.11.2017 - Added themes for opponents-info website
12.11.2017 - Added ^repel command
23.11.2017 - Added statistics on opponent to opponents-info website
03.12.2017 - Reworked the way to add and edit teams to opponents-info website


[glow=green]June 2017[/glow]
(っ◔◡◔)っ ☆ RUKittenMe? ☆ - Sub from 21.06.2017-21.08.2017
Limbo - Sub from 24.06.2017-24.07.2017
[glow=green]July 2017[/glow]
House Blackfyre - Sub from 07.07.2017-28.07.2017
PandaS - Sub from 17.07.2017-17.09.2017
Limbo - Sub from 24.07.2017-24.08.2017
[glow=green]August 2017[/glow]
Spyduck - Sub from 04.08.2017-04.09.2017
TheReapers - Sub from 08.08.2017-08.09.2017
[glow=green]September 2017[/glow]
NoMercy - Sub from 08.09.2017-08.10.2017
Spyduck - Sub from 08.09.2017-08.10.2017
Polish Order - Sub from 16.09.2017-16.03.2018
Limbo - Sub from 17.09.2017-17.10.2017
PandaS - Sub from 18.09.2017-18.10.2017
Miracles - Sub from 21.09.2017-21.10.2017
[glow=green]October 2017[/glow]
Pokemon Revolution KR - Sub from 01.10.2017-01.11.2017
Hasagi - Sub from 02.10.2017-02.11.2017
Legacy - Sub from 02.10.2017-02.11.2017
Celestial (Payment in advance)
French Squad - Sub from 04.10.2017-04.04.2018
InfernoBlaze - Sub from 08.10.2017-08.11.2017
Spyducks - Sub from 09.10.2017-09.12.2017
NoMercy - Sub from 09.10-2017-09.11.2017
Origin - Sub from 11.10.2017-11.10.2017
Cocktailbar - Sub from 11.10.2017-11.11.2017
TheNabs - Sub from 17.10.2017-17.11.2017
FrenchConnexion - Sub from 16.10.2017-16.01.2018
Limbo - Sub from 17.10.2017-17.11.2017
PRO - PT/BR - Sub from 20.10.2017-20.11.2017
Chronos - Sub from 25.10.2017-25.11.2017
Team Plasma - Sub from 26.10.2017-26.11.2017
Legends - Sub from 26.10.2017-26.11.2017
[glow=green]November 2017[/glow]
Pokemon Revolution KR - Sub from 01.11.2017-01.12.2017
Hasagi - Sub from 02.11.2017-02.12.2017
Legacy - Sub from 02.11.2017-02.12.2017
Pokheymon - Sub from 03.11.2017-03.12.2017
Illuminati - Sub from 08.11.2017-08.12.2017
InfernoBlaze - Sub from 08.11.2017-08.12.2017
Wolf Pack - Sub from 09.11.2017-09.12.2017
Neosphere - Sub from 08.11.2017-08.12.2017
GameCore - Sub from 09.11.2017-09.12.2017
Claymore - Sub from 09.11.2017-09.12.2017
TeamMagma - Sub from 18.11.2017-01.01.2018
PandaS - Sub from 18.11.2017-01.12.2017
Tranquility - Sub from 18.11.2017-01.01.2018
Limbo - Sub from 17.11.2017-01.01.2018
Miracles - Sub from 21.11.2017-01.01.2018
Team Plasma - Sub from 26.11.2017-01.01.2018
[glow=green]December 2017[/glow]
Team Plasma - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.03.2018
Illuminati - Sub from 08.12.2017-01.01.2018
Legends - Sub from 01.12.2017-01.02.2018
Hasagi - Sub from 01.12.2017-01.01.2018
Origin - Sub from 10.12.2017-01.01.2018
Neosphere - Sub 08.12.2017-01.01.2018
Spyduck - Sub from 09.12.2017-01.03.2018
Blaze - Sub from 08.12.2017-01.01.2018
TheNabs - Sub from 01.12.2017-01.01.2018
AKATSUKI - Sub from 12.12.2017-01.01.2018
Claymore - Sub from 09.12.2017-01.01.2018
Nymphia - Sub from 19.12.2017-01.02.2018
Pax Aeterna - Sub from 26.12.2017-01.01.2019
Cocktailbar - Sub from 12.12.2017-01.02.2018
Team Magmar (Red Server) - Sub from 26.12.2017-01.02.2018
Uzumaki - Sub from 27.12.2017-01.02.2018
FenixReborn - Sub from 31.12.2017-01.02.2018
[glow=green]January 2018[/glow]
TeamBuilder - Sub from 02.01.2018-01.02.2018
Miracles - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
Legacy - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
PRO- PT/BR - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
Team Magmar (Yellow Server) - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
LatinArmy - Sub from 09.01.2018-01.03.2018
TheNabs - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
InfernoBlaze - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
NeoSphere - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
Limbo - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
Nemesis - Sub from 10.01.2018-01.05.2018
Origin - Sub from 01.01.2018-01.02.2018
Chronos - Sub from 10.01.2018-01.03.2018
Volcanion - Sub from 10.01.2018-01.02.2018
BrazilArmy - Sub from 11.01.2018-01.02.2018
Tranquility - Sub from 11.01.2018-01.03.2018
Demon Knights - Sub from 13.01.2018-01.03.2018
Team Plasma - Sub from 01.03.2018-01.09.2018
Legacy - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.08.2018
DarkRising - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.05.2018
FrenchConnexion - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.08.2018
PandaS - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.08.2018
Polish Order - Sub from 01.04.2018-01.10.2018
[glow=green]February 2018[/glow]
Demon Knights - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.05.2018
InfernoBlaze - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.03.2018
Legends - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.08.2018
NeoSphere - Sub from 01.02.2018-01.05.2018
TEST THE BOT: You can test the bot for 24 hours, before you have to decide, if you want to rent it or not!
Please contact us here or via discord, if you want to test the bot!


Spawn Editor
Spawn Editor
Jul 21, 2016
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Re: [Shop] Rent a discord bot

<r>We, RuKittenMe, want to rent the bot!<br/>
We want to rent following features:<br/>
● Basic commands<br/>
We are willing to pay 250k monthly for it!<br/>


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Apr 3, 2016
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Re: [Shop] Rent a discord bot

<t>Reborn power!!</t>


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PRO Member
Jun 28, 2015
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Re: [Shop] Rent a discord bot

<t>We, Limbo, want to rent the bot!<br/>
We want to rent following features:<br/>
● Basic commands<br/>
We are willing to pay 250k monthly for it!</t>


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PRO Member
May 8, 2015
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under ur pillow
We, House Blackfyre guild , want to rent the bot!
We want to rent following features:
● Basic commands
● Shop management
● Opponents-info
We are willing to pay 100coins each 3 weeks for it!


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Aug 10, 2015
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Elysian Fields
We, TheReapers, want to rent the bot!
We want to rent following features:
● Basic commands
We are willing to pay 250k monthly for it!